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Anything I can give under 4's with dodgy bellies?

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DD1 (3.9) is complaining of stomach ache and off ehr food, also very runny poo.
DD2 is 2 and keep telling me she has to do a poo and then doing the most offensive farts ever. She has been crying because of it and very clingy, and fell asleep about an hour ago. I woke her and she ahs eaten 2 bits of pasta but not interested in water or antyhing.

Is there anything in particular I shoudl try and egt down ehr apart from water that might help?

(scuse typing, she is flopped on my lap so am typing sideways)

luciemule Sat 24-Oct-09 22:35:58

with little ones, so they don't get dehydrated, it's good to give them a juice with sugar added diluted with water, not just water on it's own. My dcs had a gastro bug a couple of xmas' ago and I made the mistake of only giving them water; dr said I should give sugar added squash instead. Once I did, they got better faster. I wouldn't wory if they don't want much food - just plain biscuits and bland stuff like rice, dry cereal and toast is fine until they feel well again.
Just keep offering weak jucie drinks freqently and give something like above if they're hungry. If it lasts more than a couple of days or gets worse, then I'd take them to docs. Hope this helpssmile

Thanks. DD2 is a little better this morning so has been snacking on toast and bread mainly. They had some of thos Aldi fake fruit shoots earlier as it is the only drink theya re guaranteed to finish so I shall sleep easily knowing the sugar in that will have helpedgrin
DD1 has started to be a bit clingy and they are both running very slight fevers too...probably didn't help that they got so soaked at the park that I had to take them roudn tesco to buy essentials wrapped in a blanket in the trolley as they were naked from the waist downblush
Thanks though, I hate it whe they are sick on teh weekend as NHS just send me to OOH docs, which is a nightmare to get to.

luciemule Sun 25-Oct-09 23:22:03

Glad she's a bit better.

kcartyparty Sun 25-Oct-09 23:29:35

Becareful if you are giving your kids Calpol with an upset tummy, paracetamol irritates the stomach!

Good luck with your little ones and stick to the BRAT diet for the next 24>48 hours

Banana, rice, apple (stewed) & toast

Try and keep dairy on hold if you can for at least 24 hours

No, no calpol given, have managed to distract from dairy today but wont get away with it much longer.
Was at the park earlier when DD1 started crying saying 'my tummy hurts and my poo is coming out RIGHT NOW'
Luckily the park ewas deserted so I went behind the trees and whipped one of DD2's nappies on her. Thank god as it would not have been 'pickupable'blush [vom]

Apple crumble for pudding, best weay to get it down themgrin

kcartyparty Mon 26-Oct-09 22:51:39

Apple crumble is fine, but not too much sugar. Sugar is a laxative!

Pasta in small amounts is a good option with upset tums.

Keep up with the dairy exclusion for one more day, then introduce slowly.

plenty of fresh air is good.

If kids start getting a bit lethargic they me need to get some re-hydration salts (Diarlyte)

Good luck

Thanks. I have a load of paed diaralyte from when DD2 has rotovirus, but neither of them will drink it, not even with sweetie bribeshmm
Both seem a little better this morning although they were up at 5...

alypaly Tue 27-Oct-09 19:01:15

dioralyte plus is really good ,i would steer away from juices and sugar as they can be laxative

kcartyparty Tue 27-Oct-09 20:05:26

Hope kids are feeling better today. Are you keeping up with the dairy free routine?

If they are feeling a bit better you should be able to start introducing it slowly!

Hmm, still no better today, DD2 was constipated yesterday hmm but DD1 is not good, she swings from hysterical running around and screeching to lying on the sofa and whining.
She had a very loose poo earlier, but it isn't constant, it's onyl once aday, but very loose, and now she is saying her tummy and bottom hurt, and very farty.
Have made appt for them both this avo just for a once over as it has been going on too long now.

They did have some milk last night, DD1 begged for it in tears saying she had been good and pleeeassse and I couldn't say no<sucker>

She is now insisting she feel sfine and better as she is terrified of the doctorhmm

kcartyparty Wed 28-Oct-09 22:00:39

If you gave DD1 milk last night that may have brought it back on.

Keep plenty of fluids inside them whilst they are on such a bland diet. This will stop them from becoming constipated.

It could be gastric flu. Not nice but they will get over it.

I have used an old age remedy on my kids. Warm lemonade.. sounds disgusting, it contains sugar and yet it does help. Especially if they are off their food.

And it is better than giving milk when they have an upset tummy

Let me know what the doc says

Yes, I do flat lemonade at room temp, they love that.

Doc said there is a virus doing the rounds with loose poo (but not diarrhea as it isn't consatnt) fever and general ickness and just to give them paracetamol and whatever they want to eat.

He is right, it isn't diarrhea as they only go once a day, but am giving paracetemol as they both have fever today and I can't cope with 2 clingy children as I have to tidy cos my mum coming tomorrow.

purepurple Thu 29-Oct-09 11:58:29

I'm another one for flat lemonade. Was told this by a doctor.
Hope your Dc are better soon.

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