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Anyone do singles for first MMR then combined jab at booster?

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jasperc163 Sat 24-Oct-09 13:38:43

Not wanting to start a debate on single vs combined, just wondering if the potential risks are the same for both initial and booster jabs? Anyone done singles first time around and then had the combined booster?


FiveGoMadonTheDanceFloor Sat 24-Oct-09 13:53:17

Yes did it with DD, she had the booster earlier on this year.

jasperc163 Sat 24-Oct-09 18:36:35

Thanks Five...
Was this because you felt less risk?

anyone else?

thisisyesterday Sat 24-Oct-09 18:38:16

if you;re worried about the risk initially then why would you not be worried about the booster?

if i was doing singles i'd do it all as singles. actually, i would get them tested for immunity before doing a booster at all

TspookyChasm Sat 24-Oct-09 18:52:14

Yes we did this for dts.

They are now 8, so it was some time ago, but back then it was right at the time when the worry about MMR was always in the news.

I really tried to find out possible risks re MMR and boosters at the time but could not get anywhere. At the time all the concern was over the initial MMR.

I think we concluded that the main worry (if there was one) really centred on a combined vaccine being overload at such a young age. By the time the booster needed doing, we felt more confident to go ahead with it.

My thoughts at the time were that if (if) either dt developed problems I would never know for sure whether or not it could have been prevented and would be forever wondering if it had been the vaccine and therefore avoidable.

By the time the booster was due, we knew this was not the case anyway.

This of course was only my own conclusion given the info available at the time <disclaimerwink>

jasperc163 Sat 24-Oct-09 19:56:53

thisisyesterday - that is my question - are the risks the same with the booster at a different age. As Tspookychasm implies - initial link with autism which normally shows up before booster age?

This is what I am not clear about. Is the perceived risk the same at 4 as at 1?
thanks everyone

TspookyChasm Sat 24-Oct-09 20:42:15

Also, I did leave the booster as late as possible. They were nearly 5 and about to start school when they got it.

Furball Sat 24-Oct-09 20:52:28

Ds had singles then he had the MMR booster aged 7.

CuppaTeaJanice Sat 24-Oct-09 21:12:44

The NHS info says there's less risk of side effects with the booster, as far as I remember.

I guess it depends on the parents' reasons for opting for singles in the first place - a decision which will have been based on their own perception of risk. For example, if they made their decision based on a suspected regressive autism link, which I understand usually appears at around 1-2 years, then they may feel that the risk has diminished by the time the booster is due. If they chose singles to avoid overloading the child's immune system with 3 vaccines at once, then they may opt for singles again, as the perceived risk remains the same.

SingleMum01 Sat 24-Oct-09 21:15:03

You only need the measles booster if I remember right anyway.

FiveGoMadonTheDanceFloor Sat 24-Oct-09 23:08:04

we did the singles as in my mind the MMR will trigger autism if it is prevelant in your child but you cannot tell at that early age. By 3.5 DD definietly showed no signs of autism so we went with the booster.

stuffitllllama Sun 25-Oct-09 11:03:52

The booster isn't a booster, it's the same vaccination.

jasperc163 Wed 28-Oct-09 18:34:33

thanks everyone

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