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Tooth knocked out at school today - worried about adult tooth

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Vicky13 Thu 22-Oct-09 21:22:20

Hi all

First time post. My daughter aged 8 came home from school today with one of her baby teeth in an envelope. It was a little bit wobbly, but had been knocked out by a football that she got full in the face.

What's worrying me is that the adult tooth next to it (front top) is now wobbly. She's saying it feels different and it keeps moving. I haven't dared have a go at moving it and I've told her not to try to move it at all - I'll try to get her in to the dentist in the morning.

Any one got any experience of this? She had a dead baby front tooth after a playground accident for three years until it fell out last month. The thought of her only going a few weeks without a dead tooth in her mouth is devastating. Her teeth are really healthy otherwise.

JJ Fri 23-Oct-09 11:33:24

My son had his front two permanent teeth knocked out a few year ago when he was 8. We shoved them back in, took him to the emergency dentist, and one is now fine and the other has fused to the bone and will need to be replaced when he's older. He has regular root canals on them to keep them from getting infected (? I think). They grew back without help, but had a little thing on them holding them in place for a couple of months. He couldn't eat solids for a while either.

Have just typed all that out and not sure it's relevant! What I'm trying to say is I hope you had good luck at the dentist and it will probably all be ok. smile

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