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Sickness in 7 month old, conflicting advise from NHS Direct

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auntyspan Thu 22-Oct-09 16:20:54

DD2 (7 months) has had a sickness bug since Monday night. She was quite poorly with it until Tuesday afternoon but since then has got better. She's still being sick though, not after every bottle, but at least once a day. She's OK in herself, no temp, small amount of runny poo.

I rang NHS Direct as I didn't know whether or not I should starve her for a bit. Anyway the nurse told me intially to "feed on demand" and then later she said "keep offering her food, she'll eat when she's hungry"

Am confused. Obviously I want to get this bug out of her system as fast as possible - what's the best way of making sure she stays hydrated?

Drooper Thu 22-Oct-09 20:19:54

Offer small regular feeds.Would offer her food at usual times if she's hungry, but maybe slightly smaller amounts if she's still being sick.

Same with milk feeds, maybe reduce feed a little bit in case she's wolfing down a whole bottle and it's a bit too much for her (eyes bigger than her belly at the mo!).

In between, sips of water in beaker as she wants.

You can't really do anything to make the bug go quicker, it'll go when it's ready smile

Hope she's better soon!

auntyspan Thu 22-Oct-09 22:37:08

Thanks drooper. I've just cleared up another load of sick from the bedroom floor, am exhausted by it all.

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