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Tongue tie

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gemmac1 Thu 22-Oct-09 14:46:15

My dd (8 weeks tomorrow) is tongue tied. It dosnt seem to be affecting her feeding but me and my dp would prefer to have it snipped so it dosnt present problems later.

My health visitor has told me that my GP would be unwilling to do anything about it till she is at least 18mths and even then only if it is causing speech problems.

Has anybody else had this with their children? What is the best thing to do?

BrandonsMummy Thu 22-Oct-09 16:13:35

My midwife noticed that DS (now 4 months) had a tounge tie as soon as he was born and recommended that I consider having it snipped. I mentioned this to the peadiatrician who saw DS at one day old, as he had not latched on for BF and I was concenred that TT may be the reason. She told me not to be ridiculous, she had seen way worse TTs in babies who have no problem latching and that I needed more practice at BF angry. So I didn't get it done and took DS home. For weeks I struggled to get him to latch and was feeding expressed BM from a cup (not much fun with a newborn) MY MW still believed the tounge tie to be the reason and gave us the name of a nurse on a maternity ward at a nearby hospital that would snip. We took him along and lo and behold as soon as his TT was snipped I put him to the breast and he latched for the first time and had a HUGE feed!!! Not only that but he spent dys sticking out and experimenting with his "new" tounge and seemed much more comfortable with mouth movments in general. I'm really glad that your DD is feeding OK but if you can find someone who'll snip the TT IMO it's worth doing as it'll give her more freedom with her tougne which can only be a good thing especially when it comes to weaning and speaking. The procedure was so fast, DS didn't cry and the nurse said she'd even snipped sleeping babies and they hadn't woken up! Definitly have a word with GP to see if it's an option!

DrCosyTiger Thu 22-Oct-09 16:49:11

I would second that advice. My DD had hers snipped and it was totally painless and untraumatic. She didn't even cry and fed straight after. Admittedly she was a lot younger - she had it done at 5 days. I don't know if it is more difficult when they are older. But I've certainly not regretted it.

gemmac1 Sat 24-Oct-09 11:55:13

Me and my dp are going to take dd to the doctors next week to try and push for a referal to have it done as we are adamant that we want it done when she is a baby rather than wait till she is older.

We have read quite a bit about babies having it done on the internet but my GP seems reluctant to refer us. Maybe going private is the answer?

mumof2rugrats Sat 24-Oct-09 22:59:38

my hv found my dd2 was 100% tt when she was 2 wks old she refured us to the docs for it to be sniped and she had it done when she was 4 wks old she had no problem bf she feed fine before and she was bf till she was 12 months

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