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9 mnths. Often sick at bedtime still - I've just been and done a full change as she puked in her bed an hour after going down .....any tips ??

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woodforthetrees Wed 21-Oct-09 21:29:54

DD is 9 months this week.

She has always dribbled milk during the day since she was a baby (never really a projectile vomiter but more vomited bits of milk during the day). Since weaning at 6 months the puking got better.

In the last 6/8 weeks though, as we've got more into 3 meals a day etc, she's taken to often puking up just after milk at bedtime in a big way.

Her milk intake I think is quite low - She's bottle fed - takes about 6 floz when she gets up including whatever's left from her bottle going in her porridge for brekkie. She usually keeps that down. She then has lunch which is usually homemade meat/chicken/veg/carb sort of lunch with yog and keeps that down (no milk here) and she always goes and has a sleep about half an hour after she's had her lunch to give it chance to go down. Rarely will she take much more than about 2floz milk when getting up from her nap at lunchtime (about 2.30ish).

It's tea time when we run into trouble. I tend to give her something like pasta with sauce (usually veggie mush sauce) or mash/sweet pots with cheese veggie - that sort of thing. maybe a bit of yoghurt. It ry to feed her as early as I can with DS at about 5pm. She is normally really ready for bed just before DS about 6.45 so I wait as long as possible to give her her milk. She usually takes no more than 4oz at this feed - tonight though I gave her 5floz. She went down ok as I think she was knackered. Usually I sit on the bathroom floor with her with a towel over us both (!) I then heard her on the monitor tonight at 8.30 and she had puked all over herself and the bed sad poor little thing.

I just don't know what to do for the best. Maybe reduce the milk and solids to get a good balance at tea so that she doesn't puke ?

Give her her milk later?

We've tried waking her later on a few times when she's been sick to at least get something inside her but often she'll have none of it.

Do you think it's an overfeeding thing? She has never puked her lunch.

She has also had a cough for the past 4 weeks . Doctor says its viral and that it'll run it's course - but the coughing often triggers the sick.

She's a good size and a chubby healthy looking baby otherwise.

Any tips/advice/sympathy !!!

Thank you

HellBent Wed 21-Oct-09 21:41:16

DD went through a phase like this, we had to cut out anything with a skin after lunch - raisins, grapes, sweetcorn, peas etc. as they just weren't being digested and she would be sick at bed time and this would be what would come up. Hers started with a cough too and got so bad we had a separate basin underneath her cot! We gave her a light snack for dinner and something bigger for lunch instead. Also had to give extra milk in the middle of the night.

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