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Sweating, but normal temperature

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sheeplikessleep Wed 21-Oct-09 21:19:21

DS has been out of sorts this week ...

Temperature fluctuating - was 38.9 yesterday (but I question the thermometer as it's varied so much and he wasn't lethargic like he's been with previous temperatures). He has had a slight temperature, as he felt warmer, but I don't think it was that high.

No appetite whatsoever (very unlike him - he's even refusing his favourite foods and he's a gannet normally)

Irritable / grouchy

Sleeping loads

The weirdest thing is that he's sweating loads at night - the pillow is drenched, but his temperature (just taken it) is 36.7. But his hair is soaking.

Anyone know how a child can be sweating so much, but have a normal temperature?

Apologies for essay - thanks for reading.

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