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Is it normal for babies not to gain weight when they've got a cold?

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mrsjuan Tue 20-Oct-09 13:32:12

Stupidly took DD (5months) to be weighed this morning and she's gained the pathetic total of 3oz in 2 weeks.

I knew it wouldn't be great because she's had trouble feeding and is only taking 4 oz max of her bottles and isn't feeding from me at all in the night like she was doing before.

I've tried nose drops & giving her milk in a cup but she is still struggling & doesn't really seem to want it.

To be fair she's always been a fussy feeder and her weight gain has never been great but this is an all time low.

She's been up loads in the night and only really settling if I keep her upright so I am knackered and probably not seeing things in perspective but I just want her to gain a bit of weight - she's only just made it into the bottom line of the growth charts and now it looks like she's going to drop off again.

Drooper Tue 20-Oct-09 20:02:36

Sorry she's been poorly.

Yes, really normal. She'll be using the calories to fight off the cold instead of putting on weight. And it's hard to feed when you are full of the snots.
It's actually good that she didn't lose any weight!But I bet it's more worrying for you watching her along the bottom of the chart.

She will catch up again when she's feeling better.

Have you tried feeding her in a steamy bathroom, that can help or karvol.

Also, often at her age they get really active and start trying to roll and all sorts, so weight gain slows.
If she gets well and feeds better, leave it at least a month or so before going back- save yourself the worry. But seek advice if she looks unwell or feeding not improving.

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