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recommend a dentist in crouch end?

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sunglasses Mon 19-Oct-09 13:49:27

Can anyone recommend a good family dental practice in or around the Crouch end area. I myself am a nervous patient who has problems with my jaw meaning any dental procedure is a big stress for me! My children are two and four and I really want a lovely friendly caring dentist for us all! one with a good hygienist in the practice would be great. My current dentist and I have communication issues!!! so someone who speaks very good english would be preferred.

Frosticle Mon 19-Oct-09 23:45:50

I can highly recommend my dentist but he's in North Finchley and is private. Is N Finchley too far? My 4 year old daughter has no issues whatsoever going to see him - he takes plenty of time, he chats to her and I have every confidence in his abilities. He was recommended to me by a friend whose own father taught him (he now runs a specislist chidrens dentistry practice in central London) and said of all his students this is the dentist he would choose to use himself.
His name is Nick Unsworth and he is at Ravensdale Dentist Practice.

hillbilly Wed 21-Oct-09 13:42:12

My friend is an NHS dentist and her practice is on Bowes Rd N13

She is great with kids (she has a 1yr old herself) and looks after both my dc's teeth.

Well worth a visit!

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