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2 year old suddenly off food, Says 'sore tummy' every so often. Lingering cough

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Stigaloid Mon 19-Oct-09 10:18:53


Would appreciate any help here as i feel that i am always taking my DS to the Dr's and being an over anxious mum.

DS has had a cough for last 5 weeks but whenever Dr listens to chest she says it is clear. He sounds wheezy every so often and then has a really wet cough but no temp and no sounds heard from Dr so clearly not a chest infection.

Usually DS eats like a horse. ut last few days every so often he has said that his tummy is sore. I ask him to point where and touch his tummy all over but he doesn't say where it hurts. Just asks me to kiss it better.

Yesterday he barely ate a thing and today he hasn't eaten either. He has drunk a few glasses of milk yesterday and this morning, but other than that has no interest in food. This is just not like him.

Should i take him to the Drs again? He doesn't have a temp but due to not eating is becoming increasingly lethargic whereas he usually runs around like a terror.

Please help!

Thanks in adavance.

Stig x

Stigaloid Mon 19-Oct-09 10:21:23

I forgot to add that last Wednesday he had a massive flare up of eczema on his face after eating some sweet potato and butternut squash and this took a while to go down but has gone down now - looked like a food allergy rash.

itsmeolord Mon 19-Oct-09 10:22:25

Sore tummy when they have a virus or infection is because their glands are swollen in their tummy.

I would take him back to the gp because he has had the cough for so long and also because it sounds like his glands have only just swollen up again so he might either have another virus or he could now have an infection that needs antibiotics.

Are you giving him calpol and/or nurofen? That might help enough to get him to eat a little toast or something.

Stigaloid Mon 19-Oct-09 10:26:07

No haven't given him any medicine as he hasn't had a temp but could try with the calpol - thank you x

giveloveachance Mon 19-Oct-09 10:26:23

I would go back to the dr to be on the safe side.

Doc told me it was common at this age for them to say tummy sore / ache. My lo says it when she wakes (i therefore assume its hunger she can feel) and she says it when she is about to do a poo!

However, being aware of when and perhaps why she says it is not improving her appetite, which is appalling, I am hoping it is a stage they go through and she will start eating again soon. I give her multivits in the meantime.

Also think its a bit stress related, and there is a thread on here about tummy pains linked with headaches - however usually in the 5 plus age group.

Still battling this one myself so keen to see any other advice and good luck stig.

giveloveachance Mon 19-Oct-09 10:28:42

agree with itsmeolord - a little calpol has often helped before a meal.

Stigaloid Mon 19-Oct-09 10:35:34

Thanks everyone. I feel so worried. Am at work today and had childminder clal me to say he just isn't eating and not wanting to do anything. She says not to rush to pick him up but i feel so useless knowing he isn't himself and having to work. Have made appointment for him for tomorrow but Dr's said if he goes downhill to call later for an emergency appointment.

Will see how he goes.

GhostlyPixieOnaPumpkin Mon 19-Oct-09 16:02:14

Sometimes children say that their tummy hurts when they are finding in difficult to breathe, and this fits in with the cough and the wheeziness. Maybe get the GP to check his chest again to rule out any infection which could have developed since last time?

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