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Continuous diahorrea in BF 3mo- now he's straining and in pain(?!)

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ParanoidAtAllTimes Mon 19-Oct-09 08:28:50

Hi, bit of a long story this but I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.

DS is EBF and used to do the normal mustard-like bf poos with perhaps one green one a day until he was 7 weeks old when he started having very watery diahorrea, plus mucus and streaks of blood in his nappy. He seemed otherwise ok and was gaining weight so hv and gp said it's a bug and will clear in 2 weeks max.

It didn't!

I went back to the gp who referred us to a paed who said it's either a lactose intolerance and will sort itself or, more likely, a cows milk intolerance and should be sorted within a couple of weeks of me cutting out all dairy from my diet. This was 2.5 weeks ago and there's been no change until yesterday when ds started straining. We waited for the usual bottom explosion but nothing happened- he just carried on straining until he was screaming in pain. This happened again last night as we were putting him to bed and then again in the early hours of the morning. He is particularly uncomfortable when on his back. The straining/screaming is accompanied by drawn up knees and a very solid feeling belly. He's never been a colicky/windy baby though.

He has also had a couple of rank brownish/green poos that, for the first time in weeks, did not shoot out with great force.

Could it be that he's starting to get better but his little tummy can't cope with anything not the consistancy of water? Or am I being overly hopeful there? It breaks my heart to see him in such pain

Not sure whether to just check with the hv or to get an emergency gp appointment. Sorry for the long rambling post! Feeling very tired!

ParanoidAtAllTimes Mon 19-Oct-09 08:30:44

I should add that he's currently got a bit of a cold AND seems to be in the early stages of teething, poor little soul!

barleycorn Mon 19-Oct-09 08:31:23

I'd take him to the GPs, the pain and solid belly sound a bit worrying. If it's difficult to get an appointment for this am, maybe consider taking him to A&E if he's no better in a bit?

ParanoidAtAllTimes Mon 19-Oct-09 08:52:11

Thanks for quick reply. I'll get on the phone to GP now.

barleycorn Mon 19-Oct-09 09:42:10

Hope your little one is better soon.

ParanoidAtAllTimes Mon 19-Oct-09 09:43:33

Thank you
We have a gp appointment for 11 this morning.

Mammina Mon 19-Oct-09 22:40:10

how did you get on? my DD (3 months) has had a bit of a cold & had a really strange poo (or so I thought - it had almost solid bits in it) so took her (and dirty nappy blush) to GP who said it was completely normal &that sometimes when they're under the weather they get constipated. She did a poo for the first time in a couple of days today and she was clearly in pain too trying to get it out. Would be interested to hear what they said
hope he's a bit better now

ParanoidAtAllTimes Tue 20-Oct-09 04:30:16

Not great tbh- gp said could be a bug or that his gut is getting better and therefore he feels bunged up and windy which he's not used to. Said just to wait and see, but he's so miserable and in pain we're going to see hv tomorrow. Oh and no weight gain

She did say when babies have a cold it affects their whole system much more than us which could be the case for your LO.

Hope she feels better soon

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