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Just noticed an odd looking rash on DD1's front and back

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HeinzSight Sun 18-Oct-09 11:02:45

they're like little red dots, some bigger than others. Not sure whether it's a heat rash, the dots seem a bit too big to be a heat rash.

She's been a bit out of sorts the past few days but I wouldn't describe her as being ill.

I know it's hard to give advice because you can't see the marks, but wondering what people think.

I'm going to look at the NHS direct website.

FlamingoBingo Sun 18-Oct-09 11:03:49

have you doone the glass test?

HeinzSight Sun 18-Oct-09 11:05:32

just about to do it now,

LIZS Sun 18-Oct-09 11:14:21

most probably a viral rash which appears at the tail end of a cold or similar. Do glass test to check though

HeinzSight Sun 18-Oct-09 11:24:20

they disappeared when I did glass test.

She has had a bad cold, it lasted a few weeks but she was mostly over it a week or so ago. Could it be like you say LIZS a viral rash connected to this cold?

FlamingoBingo Sun 18-Oct-09 11:45:06

Mine often get non-specific viral rashes. If you're worried, then see a dr. I think you're instinct will tell you whether to worry or not. How is she in herself?

castille Sun 18-Oct-09 11:58:23

roseola maybe? That causes mild symptoms, then a few days later a rash which explains the out-of-sorts behaviour.

helpYOUiWILL Sun 18-Oct-09 20:34:02

has she got bright red cheeks? slapped cheek virus maybe?

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