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Toothbeary clinic in Richmond

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Gaskarth Fri 16-Oct-09 13:21:25

My five year old has to have at least 1 tooth extracted (under a general anaesthic), and some other major dental work done. We were recommeded the Toothbeary clinic and have been for our initial consultation, and they seem great.

She is extremely phobic about dentists (took her 20 mins to open her mouth), and as she will have to go back and forth for a few months, just wanted to know other mums' experience of the clinic.

Many thanks.

Elibean Fri 16-Oct-09 13:24:57

dd had three crowns and two fillings done (shock) at Toothbeary last year, aged 5, and we take both dds there for their regular check-ups now.

Our experience was all positive - as positive as GA and dentistry can be, anyway! Even though she hated the needle in back of hand bit, and still remembers it clearly, she has no problem going back there, and remembers the nice nurse, the toys, and the 'presents' afterwards just as much.

Also, FWIW, our dentist (not Toothbeary) told us what he would have charged for paediatric dentistry and it made Toothbeary seem very very good value...

We met a couple of other parents in the waiting room, and they were all very happy with it too. Good luck to your dd smile

Gaskarth Fri 16-Oct-09 19:04:31

Thanks so much for that feedback puts my mind at rest, and extremely kind to let me know about your experience.

Dentistry at this age is horrid, esp if they are phobic!

cry1982 Fri 11-Mar-16 17:34:09

Hy we will have an extraction in one 6 week.time...hope it all goes well.I scarred bc my child is only 2 years and halh so little .Hope it will go

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