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Diarrhoea in 10 month old.

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Kayzr Fri 16-Oct-09 07:10:12

DS2 is 10 months old and has got diarrhoea. He has had it for about 4 days but it did seem to get better after about 36 hours. Then it started up again.

I rang the HV for a different matter but mentioned it to her and she said that it was a normal baby thing and it will get better in time. But as I said it has now been 4 days.

He is absolutely fine in himself and is still eating and drinking his bottles, so that is why she said that it doesn't seem to be a bug.

Would you take him to the GP or would you just keep an eye on him?


kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 16-Oct-09 08:44:53

I think it depends on whether he has a fever as well as the runs. If he is a bit hot, I'd phone the surgery for advice.

Kayzr Fri 16-Oct-09 08:53:40

No he hasn't got a fever. I've been keeping an eye on his temp and it's normal.

Seona1973 Fri 16-Oct-09 10:18:02

could be a temporary lactose intolerance caused by a tummy bug. You could try keeping off dairy (and the formula) for a day or 2 and see if that helps.

Kayzr Fri 16-Oct-09 10:20:49

But I can't just stop giving him formula for 2 days. He needs it.

Seona1973 Fri 16-Oct-09 10:28:21

I kept my ds off his formula at around 11 months for the same reason but he only had 2 feeds a day. He still ate solids but his drinks were water, well diluted juice instead of formula. It was only for a day or so and then he started his formula again. It was just a suggestion though - you dont have to do it if you dont want to.

MmeLindt Fri 16-Oct-09 10:32:01

With young babies, it is important that they do not get dehydrated. as long as he is still taking enough fluids he should be ok.

I would take a stool sample into the doc and ask them to test it for salmonella, just to rule it out.

DS had salmonella when he was about 4 months old.

Kayzr Fri 16-Oct-09 10:35:30

Wouldn't he be really ill with salmonella?

I might see if I can get him seen by the nurse.

ShowOfHands Fri 16-Oct-09 10:38:09

DD has viral gastroenteritis at 10 months (dirrhoea, no temp). Lasted about 5 days and we were advised no dairy. Once we cut it out she was better quite quickly. Fortunately she was bfed so reverted to a liquid diet for a while.

The main thing is that he isn't dehydrated.

Kayzr Fri 16-Oct-09 10:41:44

I've rung the GP and got put on the triage list. Hopefully they won't take long to ring me.

I'll try to stop his formula. I just hope he won't get upset by it. What should I give him instead? Just water or some food?

Kayzr Fri 16-Oct-09 11:03:59

GP has rung and said it sounds like viral gastroenteritis. She said to just keep feeding him as normal and not to stop his formula as it will help to keep him hydrated.


ShowOfHands Fri 16-Oct-09 11:07:12

The formula will keep him hydrated and that's the main thing. The cutting out dairy I would think is a good measure for a baby who isn't getting over the virus and is heading for dehydration, which dd was (she wouldn't take water at all). Turned out that a liquid diet of just bmilk for a week was fine and she actually gained weight.

She's had it twice in her life, 10 months and 12 months and it took around a week for her to get better.

It does sound like viral gastroenteritis.

Hope he's better soon.

Kayzr Fri 16-Oct-09 11:15:14

She did say that by Tuesday if he doesn't seem better then they will take a sample.

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