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Hand, foot and mouth confused with chick pox - annoyed.

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pamelat Thu 15-Oct-09 19:49:30

Hello all

Firstly can I just vent please. My DD is 21 months. I collected her from nursery on Monday to be told that she had spots and had been upset all afternoon, had not eaten or slept.... and no one had thought to call me????!!

Anyway, take her straight to docs as temperature and clearly upset and spots over hands and feets.

Doc said that it was "unusual for chicken pox to only be on hands and feet but thats what it looks like".

I am 10 weeks pregnant. Took her home, calpol, bed, terrible night ... only 3 hours sleep.

Next day nursery take her (I now feel bad for this but had had 2 weeks away from work and felt I should go in). Nursery said happy to take chicken pox baby as great age to get it. I obviously said CALL ME if she is upset and checked up with them 3 times in morning. She was fine, eating, happy etc.

In retrospect, I think it was irresponsible for nursery to take her? (and me, I know, remember pregnant and no sleep blush)

I collect her, no more spots.

On the way out of nursery, I see a sign that a child in her class has a confirmed case of hand, foot and mouth. It suddenly became clear to me that that is what she has.

So why did nursery not put one and one together? And why did our GP not consider it? A quick look online shows that its like chicken pox but only on hands and feet. Hardly rocket science.

I also read that it can cause miscarriage (appreciate unlikely but even so), so if I had known what it was, I would have perhaps let DH share a bed with her instead of me.

I feel very let down by the GP and the nursery.

pamelat Thu 15-Oct-09 19:54:30

sorry, just realised that all I did was to vent!!

I also wanted to ask whether anyone had any tips (other than calpol/nurofen) in helping my DD, especially helping her to sleep

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