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DS1 (9yrs) temperature and cough - cough is hurting. What to do?

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Niecie Wed 14-Oct-09 14:46:12

My DS1 has had a temperature since this morning and also a slight cough.

However, his cough is painful he says and he seems to be trying to hold it in all the time. it does look like he is in pain when he coughs.

No other symptoms apart from loss of appetite.

Is the dreaded Swine Flu or is he brewing a chest infecton? Don't know whether to bother the doctors if it is swine flu as there isn't anything we can do except sit it out but what if it isn't?

DS2 also at home with a high temperature and a sore throat. He seems on the mend though, having had yesterday off too.

I have an exam next Wednesday so I want them all to just go away so I don't get ill and I can revise.

bunnybunyip Wed 14-Oct-09 18:42:06

Only other thing it could be is a different virus really and telling the difference is very difficult; but nothing you can do for either except calpol and fluids anyway. If he is reasonably well in himself and not short of breath then you just need to ride it out. Coughs are often painful.

Niecie Wed 14-Oct-09 20:37:46

Thanks bunnybunynip.

Viruses are difficult things aren't they? Far worse than infections which you can zap with ABs - well that is how it feels as a parent. I am sure doctors might argue differently.

Have to say that the only time either of them have had a painful cough, without having been coughing badly for days before hand, is due to a chest infection but he seems to be OK at the moment so I shall sit it out another day. He is quite sorry for himself when the temperature comes back and the ibuprofen wears off.

Just keeping all things crossed that I don't get it!! Now would be a very bad time.

bunnybunyip Wed 14-Oct-09 20:44:06

Hope he feels better soon.

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