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runny bum since Fri

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Sunshine78 Wed 14-Oct-09 14:07:52

My dd 3 has had a very runny bum since Fri she goes several times a day often not making it to the toilet. She is perfectly well in herself and eatting normaly. Do I take her to GP?

Littlemissmischief Wed 14-Oct-09 14:53:55

Hi Sunshine - my DS (almost 3) had this about a month ago, he was constantly going and it was like liquid. I did ring the docs but was told aslong as he wasnt being sick aswell and eating and was well apart from it then it is quite common and nothing to worry about. Just give her as much fluids as you can and just ride it out, My ds was like it for about 3 weeks. However if your worried or you think she is not herself (mums know best) then I would call the GP just incase.


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