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help please! reflux in baby -- omeprazole? enfamil AR?

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duende Tue 13-Oct-09 21:49:34

hi everyone. I have described on another thread the difficulties my DS (2m.o) has with feeding. he screams at each feed, arches his back, sometimes chokes, often struggles to catch his breath after a few visits to the gp and a few chats with the HVs which got me nowhere, we got seen by a registrar GP who prescribed omeprazole. I was a bit surprised that he didn't start with infant gaviscone but at least someone has started looking into it. Does anyone have any experience with omeprazole and care to share? Also, I am thinking of buying enfamil AR tomorrow and if it helps a bit, trying to persuade the GP to prescribe it.
do you think it's a good idea? please help, I am so stressed out, covered in cold sweat at every feed

ZZZenAgain Tue 13-Oct-09 22:02:25

I bet you are stressed out. That sounds horrible. I do hope someone comes on with some good advice for you.

I'm wondering what is causing him to scream, arch his back, struggle to catch his breath. How worrying for you.

duende Wed 14-Oct-09 09:55:28

a hopeful bump?

ib Wed 14-Oct-09 10:11:12

Omeprazole totally sorted out ds' really serious reflux. It made such a difference that it was hard to bring ourselves to take him off it after the prescribed time!

The doc said Gaviscon can actually make it worse when it's really serious, as it only neutralises the acid locally and doesn't tackle the source of the problem.

I would give it a go for a few weeks and see how you get on.

mad4myboys Wed 14-Oct-09 10:13:22

hi again, ds2 is still on omperazole at 11 months old. I am suprised this gp has jumped straight to this as it is a strong drug and they havent 'diagnosed' him as reflux. You have tablet form? It disolves better if you use warm water. I can only get it in my ds by diluting in grape juice! IT is quite a powdery liquid so your LO may not like it! Use syringue into side of the mouth. It generally takes a week to get any relief from it

duende Wed 14-Oct-09 10:31:08

Ib and mad4myboys, thanks for replying. I feel a bit better about giving it to him now. I was really surpirsed that this is what he prescribed once I got home and read up about it.
I can't dissolve it in juice, DS in only 2 months old.
I will speak to my regular GP about it on Mon but will give it to DS in the meantime.
I have also ordered enfamil AR today. hopefully that will give my poor babe some relief.

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