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movicol - how soon can we expect movement???

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katechristie Mon 12-Oct-09 15:20:22

DS has just had his first sachet of movicol today - he's been on lactulose for 6months, but has become bunged up again the last couple of weeks, so we've now been swapped onto movicol. How long does it take to clear them out before they start having regular motions again? I know we can expect to be on this for months and months, but just wondering about how quickly it starts to work???

He's due in nursery on weds and am thinking of keeping him out this week, incase he has his clear out then and is a bit uncomfortable. any thoughts? TIA.

Sparkletastic Mon 12-Oct-09 15:27:30

it took 24 hours with DD1 and worked far better than Lactulose - broke her of her 'poo retention' habit completely within a couple of weeks actually. Good luck with the clear-out grin

katechristie Mon 12-Oct-09 15:36:00

great, thanks, would rather not be too far from the house when it's on it's way!

Marie12 Mon 12-Oct-09 21:01:26

I posted on your other thread this morning! I would say you should see some improvement within a day or two. He will probably fill a few nappies a day!

katechristie Tue 13-Oct-09 20:51:56

thanks Marie, I keep posting all these poo queries at the moment - thank goodness for the anonymity of MN! We've had 3 lots so far today, so I'm hoping it's sorting itself out now.

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