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Is this nappy rash or maybe an allergic reaction or spread of eczema?

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suiledonne Sat 10-Oct-09 11:55:01

I posted recently about a nappy rash in dd2. I was advised to get Metanium but I couldn't get hold of it here so the pharmacist recommended Morhulin. It cleared up quickly but then came back with a vengance despite me using the cream and only cotton wool and water to clean her.

I am now not sure if it is typical nappy rash. It is on the outer skin on her genital area only. Her bottom is unaffected.

She is teething at the moment and has eczema on her face. Could it be related to the teething? It is only in the one not very big area but if it doesn't improve over the weekend should I take her to the doctor?

DD1 has bad eczema since she was a baby but her nappy area was the one area that was always clear so not sure if it could be eczema in dd2's case as only her face and no where else is affected.

I am really concerned about it. Any advice?

elmofan Sat 10-Oct-09 18:06:35

hi suiledonn smile

i reckon it might be eczema , most likely brought on by her teething , dd got a rash there while she was teething , it should clear up with the creams the doctor gave you , maybe try give her some free time without her nappy on if that's possible as the air should help her clear up . how is your dd1 getting on in playschool ?

suiledonne Sat 10-Oct-09 19:38:42

Hi elmo, thanks for the advice. I have only seen the pharmacist so far but think I might have to take her to the GP on Monday. It is very red and sore looking this evening.

Having a disaster with dd1 and preschool. She had a bad asthma attack a couple of weeks ago and hasn't been back to school since. The first week she was too ill to go and we decided to give her another week to recover as she was still coughing and a bit run down.

I'll see how it goes next week but if she doesn't settle I might take her out til after Christmas.

How is your dd doing?

alypaly Sat 10-Oct-09 22:01:00

is it definitely eczema on her face or a teething rash. If the redness is on her labia it could be thrush as they can sometimes get this when they are teething.

elmofan Sun 11-Oct-09 10:04:02

sorry logged off early last night , ah the poor baby sad yes it might be worth your while getting a doctor to check her out if the rash is that bad then she might need a steroid cream , hope she gets better soon ,
ahh poor dd1 sad , is her asthma any better now ? my dd is sick every week since she started , we haven't had 1 weekend without her having a temp so far , our gp reckons its just because she is with other children now & has to build up her immune system , she has had a cough & head cold now constantly for the last 4 weeks .
other than that she loves it there .
just a thought but would dust trigger your dd1 asthma ? i find ds gets wheezy if i don't keep on top of the dusting , maybe it might be worth mentioning this to her playschool ,
i have just started dd on a course of multi-vitamins called "gummy vites" they are just like a gummy bear jelly & dd loves them , if she knew they where actually good for her she would have none of them , ha . might help your dd to build her up for the winter .

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