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Teething at 3 months? And breastfeeding.

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Cowwomanmoo Thu 08-Oct-09 01:12:22

Tiny fists stuck in drooling mouth and knawing away on boobys, can he be teething so soon?. My nips are in a right state, latching on last couple of days and throwing his head back during as well. I can feel sharp ridges where upper molar would be?!?

jasper Thu 08-Oct-09 01:16:52

yes, could well have teeth coming through at 3m.
Unusual to have molars coming through though.

Normally front teeth first

Cowwomanmoo Thu 08-Oct-09 01:21:29

Thats what I thought re position of shapness, one for the HV perhaps.Will ring tomorrow.

Cowwomanmoo Thu 08-Oct-09 01:22:20

woopes sharpness, not shapness.Both alittle unplesent.

jasper Thu 08-Oct-09 01:27:49

Nothing to worry about.
Nothing you can do about when teeth come through and in what order.
(I am a dentist)

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