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Friends baby has croup. Should I let my baby play for an hour tomorow?

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TeamEdwardTango Wed 07-Oct-09 17:52:46

Friends is babysitting for me tomorrow. just an hour or so whilst I'm at an appointment. Just phoned to confirm details with her and she said her little girl (18mo) has had croup this week.
Is it "safe" for DS2 to go and play? He's 14mo. Is it infectious?

Notquitegrownup Wed 07-Oct-09 17:54:05

Croup isn't infectious. Your ds will be fine. smile

TrinityHasAVampireRhino Wed 07-Oct-09 17:55:23

you cant catch croup

TeamEdwardTango Wed 07-Oct-09 17:58:27

Thanks. Tried Google and Wiki, but it all got a bit medical!! I knew Mn would know!

How's it going Trinity? It's good to see you here. smile

blowninonabreeze Wed 07-Oct-09 18:00:50

The above replies are making me doubt myself, but croup is a respiratory infection, passed from person to person through coughing and sneezing so personally I'd probably avoid unless her DD is now better?

Off to check now that I'm not making this up!

Guad Wed 07-Oct-09 18:02:32

I was told you could catch it.

blowninonabreeze Wed 07-Oct-09 18:02:44

this help?

LIZS Wed 07-Oct-09 18:06:07

You can't catch croup itself but you can catch the virus which has triggered it in the other child iyswim. So your ds would not necessarily develop croup as a complication.

pseudscorner Wed 07-Oct-09 18:12:23

What LIZS said. This is what my GP told me anyway when DD had croup.

TeamEdwardTango Wed 07-Oct-09 18:17:38

Bit young to teach sneezing and coughing into a tissue or hankie!!
Friend says her daughter is fine in herself, just a bit wheezy.
I think I'll risk it!

ScaryFucker Wed 07-Oct-09 18:24:06

"croup" or laryngotracheobronchitis is caused by a virus that is highly infectious in the autunm and winter, how an individual responds to it is the key to how ill you get

some will just get a cough or sniffle

for others, if the inflammation in the upper airway is severe, it is potentially serious requiring ventilatory support

so my answer to your question is, no, I would not take the risk unless it was absolutely essential

TeamEdwardTango Wed 07-Oct-09 18:32:14


So how essential is my appointment? I'm not sure how to evaluate that!

ScaryFucker Wed 07-Oct-09 18:33:57

only you can answer that, lovey

westernfront Wed 07-Oct-09 18:49:24

croup very scary and would'nt wish it on a dog - avoid just to be on safe side or face prospect of 24hrs in a steam room (in my case sat on loo all night with baby on knee and shower on boiling all night - sheer hell).

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