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Chronic tonsillitis

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Blos Sun 04-Oct-09 21:16:07


My 4 yr ds has just started his 2nd bout of tonsillitis in 4 weeks' and is really poorly with it. His temp is very difficult to control, especially at night, and he's lethargic and emotional.

The GP doesn't want to give him antibiotics incase he gets resistant and the consultant won't consider him for surgery until he's had at least 5 episodes in one year. Last winter he ended up in hospital with pneumonia and on antibiotics for 6 weeks.

I've got him on multi-vits, probiotics, echinacea as well as homeopathy. He's obviously taking Calpol and Nurofen for the temp.

Is there anyone out there who has tried anything which helps control tonsillitis, ie cranial osteopathy. I'm at the end of my tether and the winter hasn't even started.

Please help.

Ledodgy Sun 04-Oct-09 21:22:30

I think you should go to the gp tomorrow and demand that he swab your son to determine if the tonsillitis is bacterial or viral. If it's bacterial he will need antibiotics regardless.

BikeRunSki Sun 04-Oct-09 21:28:41

O poor little mite, I can really sympathise.

I was like your son, from about 4 too, and eventually had my tonsils and adenoids out when I was 12. I was in hospital for over a week, had to be transferred to an adult hospital and it took me ages (about 3 months in all )to recover. Certainly in 1984 Tonsillectomy was considered to be major surgery and not undertaken lightly. But it is not a magic wand - for some years after I still got throat infections and associated high temperatures. Still now, my Ears, Nose and Throat are my weak spots.

My mum used to give me massive doses of Vit C - mainly Redoxon (sp?) fizzy tablets, which sort of seemed to keep things at bay a little. And she wrapped me up very warmly when we went out, and made me dry my hair after swimming and before bed (don't know how much of this was old wives tale, as my siblings got to go everywhere with wet hair.)

I hope that helps a little and I hope you and DS get through this winter better than last.

Blos Sun 04-Oct-09 21:47:51

I think I will Ledodgy. Wish I had more faith in my GP (he diagnosed ds' pneumonia as being "a little run down"!!).

BikeRunSki - you sound just like me. I spent most of my childhood in bed with tonsillitis and ended up having them removed at 15. I still get alot of ENT problems and feel so desperate because I know what he's going through. My Mum treated me the same way and would wrap me up, never let me go outside with damp hair, etc, etc.

I'd take him to osteos, homeopaths, etc if I thought they'd work but I don't want to drag him around when he's so sick.

Ledodgy Sun 04-Oct-09 21:53:49

I also know how you feel I suffer with tonisllitis I get it at least twice a year even now. Ds2 got it at the end of last week and is on antibiotis and ds2 tonight has a very high temp and is crying in pain fom his throat so it looks like he has it too. sad

clouiseg Sun 04-Oct-09 22:56:32

Ask the GP to prescribe Difflam spray for lo as it will numb the throat for a while and at least give some respite between pain relief. My 6 month old baby has just been given it for tonsilitis,and she was prescribed Penicillin for it too. Also I agree that they ought to swab as the attack is obviously prolonged in this case.

Also I would argue that as a parent you have a right to make an informed decision as to whether or not your child is treated, and in this case you want Antibiotics! At the end of the day it is agonising for anyone to have tonsilitis, but children suffer more than us. If the GP is sure its tonsilitis then they'll need a better reason not to prescribe, or ask a different GP. Failing that ring your local PCT as there are guidelines in place, I am in the midst of this myself.

Good luck. xx

bubble2bubble Tue 06-Oct-09 20:38:45

DD1 had tonsilitis every few weeks all through pre- school - poor little thing was so poorly.
I started taking her to a chiropractor/ cranial therapist in the summer and also started giving her a product called Sambucol whcih is mostly elderberry extract ( herbal antiviral ) made in a liquid form which kids seem to like
So don't know which, if either, has worked, but so far she's had two very slight colds since school started but no tonsilitis, and seems to be bounding with energy. Last year it would have been impossible for her to even walk past s omeone with a cold and not end up at home for a week with tonsilitis. it's still early days, but something has definately changed

saramoon Wed 07-Oct-09 11:51:42

I have seen a few GPs - -including the ENT specialist in our clinic - and all have said that a child will not become resistant to antibiotics if they take them a few times. My dd has been taking them every month for a year - and is to have tonsils taken out 21st October. I had same problem and had mine out when i was 19, i DID become resistant to anti-biotics though as i was on and off them for years.

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