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Calling MEARS! Or anyone with knowledge of rhesus disease. Could do with advice re:1month old ds2. pleeeaasse....

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pooka Sat 03-Oct-09 20:55:23

Hi there - sorry but did a search under rhesus disease after ds2 1month old was diagnosed out of blue following paediatric call-in on tues. He had v. low haemoglobin. no signs of jaundice were picked up when he was younger though he has been quite prone to beinh sick, and early on the sick was quite yellow.

Had tranafusion on Thursday. We have follow up appt on Wednesdsy when they'll do another blood test.

My query is whether there's anything health wise I should be looking out for. his colour is much improved and he is feeding well and gaining weight. But my confidence has been completely rocked. I have zero confidence that I'd be able to tell if he went into decline since I thought he was well. Blessed with perfect alabaster skin would you believe. Rather than worryingly anaemic He is my third child for goodness sake and I completely missed it.

I have no idea how this has happened, since I had anti-d after each previous delivery and the 28 week prophylaxis this time. All blood tests were clear, no scan indication of anaemia. The only thing I can think of is that at about 37 weeks pregnant I bumped my stomach on a door knob.

The paediatric staff have been great, though I am surprised that it took them until he was 4 weeks old to call him in for a bloodtest when I was sent an appointment 2 weeks ago to see the ob/gyn consultant about raised levels of anti-d in my blood (I rang in a state and was reassured that was all about me and my blood and nothing to do with ds2). But I am having a major wobble today about him, and am terrified that I'm going to miss something. Any advice or reassurance would be greatly appreciated.

pooka Sun 04-Oct-09 17:32:05

Just bumping....

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