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Constant runny nose and swollen tonsils

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esor Sat 03-Oct-09 14:55:46

My D Godaughter 2.5, has had a constant streaming nose for most of this year. My friend took her to the doctors as she is sounding particularly blocked up and breathing through her mouth. She was told that her tonsils are enlarged to the point of meeting and has been referred to a hospital with a view to having them taken out. It is not clear if there is any infection in the tonsils, my friend is obviously concerned about her DD having an operation. Should anti-biotics have been prescribed for the enlarged glands and streaming nose? I have suggested also to look as possible allergies and wondered if anyone else had any advice that I could pass on. TIA

Twinsmommy Sat 03-Oct-09 23:11:52


My eldest twin boy was suffering from constant blocked nose, coughs and colds from 12 months onward. Eventually, I asked for a referral as he was suffering from sleep apnoea, snoring very loudly, and looked generally very uncomfortable and tired. He was also mouth breathing.

He was diagnosed with glue ear in both ears, enlarged tonsils and adenoids and had ENT surgery at the age of 2 yrs and 3 days.

Just wanted you to know that it was the BEST thing I could have done for him. I was very apprehensive about putting him through this at such a tender age and I won't deny it was a very stressful time and the aftercare really takes it out of you as a parent, but I wouldn't NOT have the surgery if I had to do it all again.

My son never had infection in his tonsils either and, although he had had several courses of antibiotics, they never really cleared the symptoms once and for all.

I think your friend's GP seems very on the ball. My GP seemed to just want to ignore all his symptoms. I eventually went privately for a second opinion.

Now my son has a full vocabulary, speaks very clearly, is no longer mouth breathing and there is hardly ever a snore out of him these days. The dark circles under his eyes have disappeared and he seems so much more comfortable.

Would be happy to speak with your friend about our experience if she would like to CAT me or even through this post.

I hope your God-daughter improves soon.

Twinsmommy Sat 03-Oct-09 23:13:03

Oops - forgot to say, he had his adenoids and tonsils removed and grommets fitted in both ears in his surgery.

esor Sun 04-Oct-09 07:50:55

Thanks for such a positive outcome Twinsmommy. Will show my friend your posting.

jules43 Sun 04-Oct-09 11:29:08

Hi there

My son at 15 months old has just had his adenoids out and ears drained of fluid. His tonsills are fine and he is too young for grommets.It was a very difficult decision to have this operation so young, but he has had a streaming nose, constant ear and throat infections and has been on 7 courses of antibiotics this year alone. He was never well and it badly affected his eating and sleeping all the time. Very wearing as a parent.

He had it done on Thursday and already has stopped snoring for the first time in 10 months, its amazing, I think it will improve his quality of life but was very difficult to go ahead. We also see a cranial osteopath every week and he has homeopathic remedies too, so throwing everything at it really. So far even after 3 days he seems better and less congested but time will tell.

You have to do the right thing for your child but dont be fobbed off by the GP, I have to change my GP twice to get heard and referred to the ENT consultant who thought he should have his adenoids out even thought he was under 2 years old.

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