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upset tummy

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Debsicle Sat 03-Oct-09 10:32:36

My 19 month old has not really eaten for 3 days breakfast at all no lunch or dinner apart from a couple of mouth fulls...not even wanting biscuit or a choccy button. He is drinking normally and sleeping too. He was sick just the once three days ago. Now he has very very smelly soft yellow poo which seems to go everywhere.
In himself he is still happy, playing and loving.
He did have adenovirus strain of flu 4 weeks ago and was very poorly. He has only just started back at playgroup/nursery this week as he had only just got back to normal. Could he just have low immune system after having flu? Gp said nothing wrong with him on examination and as long as he is happy, responsive and drinking not to worry. Any thoughts?

TanteRose Sat 03-Oct-09 14:47:25

as long as he is getting liquids, he should be OK for couple of days. My DS was about this age, and he got tonsillitis/bronchitis, and didn't eat anything for about two weeks. Luckily he was still breastfeeding which gave him liquid, nutrients and comfort. He lost quite a lot of weight, but he was fine.
You should be worried if he becomes lethargic and too sleepy. Make sure he doesn't get dehydrated, as it can happen very quickly, and the child goes down hill very rapidly. Take care smile

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