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Failed hearing test

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LilRedWG Thu 01-Oct-09 20:07:34

DD (3) recently had a hearing test. She 'scored' 30 in her left ear and that was classed as a pass, but the 40 in her right ear was a fail.

Anyone have any clue what the numbers mean? Are they dB? I clean forgot to ask as I was so that she had failed.

whomovedmychocolate Thu 01-Oct-09 20:12:37

It doesn't mean she failed It means they couldn't note a response. She might have had an ear infection, she might have just been half asleep. What is her retest schedule?

Poor you, it's very worrying when you have results but no interpretation. Here's a guide to help you understand the results

LilRedWG Thu 01-Oct-09 20:22:59

Thanks for that WMMC.

I didn't mean, "she failed", as in she failed if you know what I mean, but just that her poor ear did. The results sheet actually has a smiley face or a sad face, with one crossed out dependant on results.

Her right ear drum is pretty unresponsive and was practically a flat line on the tympanometry test and she has a fair amount of fluid too. They are retesting in a couple of weeks. Her original test was in August.

She is under a SALT for her speech, as her pronunciation is poor, and to be honest the hearing test results explained lots for us. She is pretty prone to chest and ear infections (she has one in her left ear at the moment) and snores as much as her Dad, so I wasn't greatly suprised really.

Thanks again for the link.

LilRedWG Thu 01-Oct-09 20:23:47

I have also not told her that she has 'failed' and if she can't hear me she just says, "this ear not listening Mummy". Bless her cottons.

LilRedWG Thu 01-Oct-09 20:27:08

God, I've just read that back - how oversensitive am I tonight. LOL.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 02-Oct-09 08:24:53

You must be so worried Hopefully her hearing issues are fixable. Good luck

LilRedWG Wed 14-Oct-09 11:51:39

DD had her second test this morning and flat-lined the tympanometry test on both sides and scores were in the 50s and 60s. I need to make an appointment with the GP for an ENT referral.

Ledodgy Wed 14-Oct-09 11:54:27

It sounds like she may have glue ear and possibly need grommets the ENT will sort her out I'm sure. smile

LilRedWG Wed 14-Oct-09 12:26:58

Yeah, I know, I just feel so bad for the poor little thing. She is so frustrated.

Yesterday, at soft-play, she was having a fab time playing with another little girl until the little girl asked her name and DD told her, but the little girl didn't understand (DD's speech has been impaired by her hearing). DD ended up in tears on my lap because the little girl was trying to guess her name and DD couldn't understand why she couldn't understand her.

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