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constipation 2.7yo - what to expect from a referral to community paed?

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katechristie Wed 30-Sep-09 11:09:32

DS has chronic constipation and been on lactulose for 5months now, but we've finally had a referral to a community paed with a special interest in constipation. What happens at these sort of referrals? - am a bit nervous as DS isn't very good even at having a check-up with the GP or HV. do they do an examination of him or is it more about asking me questions?

I was planning on keeping a poo diary for DS again from now until the referral (hopefully in a wk or so - HV said the constipation clinic at local hosp has waiting list of 8wks, so referred this way instead, hoping it'll be quicker), and keeping a diary of what he eats and drinks - do I need to do anything else?

Also, DD is 24wks, would it be better if I try and get DH or my mum along with me to keep her occupied as I haven't got a clue how in-depth these appointments are. TIA for any advice.

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