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hand foot and mouth, more like arm, leg and face - why?

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beesonmummyshead Mon 28-Sep-09 17:08:35

dd been unwell for a few days and today was diagnosed with hand foot and mouth, as the spots were mainly on her feet and in her muth. however it is now day 4 of a fever and the spots are visible all over arms, legs and some on face (none on body though)

is this "normal?" and when will she recover?

AussieSim Thu 01-Oct-09 05:49:10

My 3yo came out in this on the day of his birthday party. Looked downright horrid. Normal childhood illness though so nothing to worry about really.

belgo Thu 01-Oct-09 06:20:40

I've never heard of it being on the arms and legs, perhaps she has another virus? There are loads of virus around. Four days of fever is quite long, I'd have thought it would be getting better now. I could be wrong though, it could all be perfectly normal.

If you're worried, phone your doctor again.

BananaBrains Sat 03-Oct-09 12:43:36

Yup, spots on arms, legs, face and bum too apparently are quite normal with HF&M I think (according to internet advice anyway). My DS had it for about a week a while ago, but only in his mouth and a bit on his hands. I had it in my mouth too. Then my DH had it on his hands, feet, bum, arms, legs and mouth (and he did a lot of moaning!) Neither of them had a fever though. How is she now? Any better?

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