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In the olden days (like...2 years ago) what did you do for coughing child?

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bumpyandfrumpy Sun 27-Sep-09 06:25:20

Just out of curiosity, before they changed all the medicine rules what would you have done for an 18 month old with a very chesty cough? I got 2 hours sleep last night due to DS's cough. He hasn't got a temp, just a hacking cough that meant nobody got any sleep/. He is vomiting everything up now as the cough is so bad. GP will tell me to wait it out and he is too little for cough meds.
Just make me feel better...would I have been able to help him out before the medicine change?
YES I DO KNOW THEY ARE THERE FOR A REASON. Am not going to the chemist.

bumpyandfrumpy Sun 27-Sep-09 07:12:21

Will actually also be happy to take suggestions on how to survive without medication. I'm 32 weeks pg and don't know if I can take another night like last night...

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