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How much sick is normal in 3 week old?

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roslily Sat 26-Sep-09 14:43:43

My son is 3 weeks old. He has started being really sick several times a day. Sometimes after a feed, often when we put him down in carrycot or on bed. It seems like a lot of sick to me, it completely soaked the front of my T-shirt. I would expect a small amount when burping, but it seemed loads.

Sometimes it looks like cottage cheese.

I don't want to take him to doctor/HV unnecessarily!

Is this normal?

clouiseg Sat 26-Sep-09 15:06:29

A small amount of sick (posset) is normal after a feed, whether breast or bottle fed. IMO if there are consistently large amounts of curdled sick, it would be worth mentioning.

My dd has this problem from birth and she is on baby gaviscon for reflux which needs to be prescribed by your GP. She also had to sleep on her side as she would 'choke' on her sick on her back. However, as she was breastfed we knew it wasn't the milk.

If your ds is formula fed it may be worth trying a different brand first, or alternatively most brands now make a 'sensitive tummy' formula. Occasionally some brands of milk just disagree with baby. my case I had to argue to get someone to listen to about dd. I was told "its normal for babies to be sick". Perhaps it may be worth asking a friend/relative who is already a mum to observe when ds is sick. That way a fair comparison can be made as its hard to guage how severe it is on here! If they agree you have every righ to ask for it to be followed up.

Good luck xx

roslily Sat 26-Sep-09 15:09:31

Thanks. He is breast fed, so I know it isn't milk.
I have to sleep him on his side, in fact he hates being on his back, otherwise he chokes.

clouiseg Sat 26-Sep-09 15:34:15

Sounds so very familiar! You can give gaviscon in formula milk, or in the case of BF babies, mixed with a little boiled water as per the instructions.

Our GP eventually put it on repeat prescription for us after we showed him what she was like after a feed.

I would follow it up, it certainly sounds like our dd. And tbh, she's 6 months now, and even when we try her off the treatment she vomits quite a lot often 2 hours after a feed.

Once again good luck x

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