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Any tips about contact lenses for 13 tear old boy?

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inthesticks Fri 25-Sep-09 13:52:15

DS1 has worn glasses since he was 4 and is becoming more self conscious. He's asked me for contact lenses and I wondered whether anyone could tell me the pitfalls?

His eyesight isn't so poor that he needs his specs for sport but he is supposed to wear them the rest of the time. This was never a problem until recently.

madlentileater Fri 25-Sep-09 14:01:12

My ds would not be capable of maintaining adequate hygiene, I don't think he's unusual in that. I'd let him choose some new frames and make sure people compliment him on them-,'oh wow x, cool new glasses, you look great in those' point out any stars he admires who have glasses- say he can have lenses when he was older. I got lenses when I was 16 and old enough to save up- 1/3 of the cost iirc. But glasses are MUCH nicer these days.

inthesticks Fri 25-Sep-09 15:01:34

Unfortunately I've tried that only a couple of months ago. We chose some great frames which he loved and really suited him. On his first day in them at school some "comment" was made and he's never worn them since.
I thought about getting him some glasses and lenses so he can just wear the lenses for social occasions but i don't know whether that's feasible. I don't resent the cost because it's so important for both his eyesight and his self esteem.

mandylifeboats Fri 25-Sep-09 15:21:23

My DS2 stared wearing contacts at 12 in yr 7, partly because he hated his glasses and partly for sports(footy, rugby). He took to them like a duck to water, he was very motivated cos he wanted them so much. He started at half term so had a week to get used to putting them in at his own pace, and has never loked back. His optician recommended Daily disposables precisely because teenagers are a bit slack with hygiene but its no bother to quickly wash hands. I buy 90 pairs every 3 months for about £50 plus £5 a month for aftercare etc and its worth every penny.DS1 started ayear later, he has astigmatism so needs more expensive toric lenses. He tends to wear his glasses more esp at weekends and just put the lenses in on school days.Both mine feel more confident and found it all very easy and comfortable.

twentyoneagain Fri 25-Sep-09 16:31:45

My DD started wearing contacts in year 9. She was having to wear her glasses more and more and didn't want them although they really suited her. She has the daily disposables and they are really easy as there is not such an issue with hygiene. Also during school hols she does tend to wear her glasses more thus cutting down on the number of pairs she uses.

She found them quite difficult to put in at first as she is really squeamish about touching her eyes, but was determined and now slips them in without thinking. As a contact wearer myself I know they are far better for sport (imo).

inthesticks Sat 26-Sep-09 10:14:35

Thanks for this.
We went to optician last night.DS has astigmatism so apparently needs the monthly disposable. We have chosen some new frames and have appointment in two weeks about lenses. DS is quite motivated so I will let him have a go. He's also quite squeamish so he'll have to be brave at first!

Spoo Sat 26-Sep-09 10:29:54

I started wearing contact lenses at 13 and have not looked back since. I would recommend that you get a good optician who specialises in contact lenses. Where do you live as I know a good one in Birmingham.

Spoo Sat 26-Sep-09 10:33:17

Excuse the pun!

Spoo Sat 26-Sep-09 10:38:59

Just read your latest post and I have an astigmatism too and you can get contact lenses to correct it. I will go and get the contact lenses and let you know the make. They are the very latest lenses.

Spoo Sat 26-Sep-09 10:40:30

Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus (with astigmatism).

inthesticks Sat 26-Sep-09 14:00:14

Thanks Spoo I'll make a note of that. As the name suggests we live up North in the sticks. DS has an appointment with the contact lens specialist optician at Specsavers.

Spoo Sat 26-Sep-09 18:45:18

inthesticks - I would really not go to Specsavers if I were you. Please try and find a good contact lense optician who specialises in lenses. The lense specialist I have has all the latest lenses in store available to them. They also are specialised in looking out for speicific issues in relation to lenses. I had a few lenses in my teens that were not suitable (they limited the oxygen that got into my eyes) and they damaged the backs of my corneas. Luckily I changed my optician and now I have those lenses and they encourage oxygen into the eye. They are also good for sleeping in which means you can only put them in once every two weeks. That said I take them out to go to sleep. After years of not being able to see when I'm in bed, I struggle to get to sleep with them in. It just doesn't feel right.

Anyway, I whitter, I would suggest that you ask around for a good contact lense optician asking any friends that have contact lenses.

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