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Tonsils to come out

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saramoon Fri 25-Sep-09 10:49:53

My eldest daughter who is nearly 5 is due to finally have her tonsils out on 21st October. She has has tonsillitus every 3 weeks for nearly a year so I'm glad she is having the op but feel a bit nervous. I have changed the date from the 7th so that she can have the half term to recover but was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on the stay in hospital - we have to be there at 7.30am so will we be staying overnight? - and how will she be after? I had my tonsils out at 19 and remember it being awful. We have a pre-op assessment on the 15th too.

theagedparent Fri 25-Sep-09 13:08:41

My 4 year old dd had hers out a few months ago. She was supposed to stay in for only 1 night but ended up staying 2 as her nose wouldn't stop bleeding. She recovered fairly quickly once home. Apparently the younger you have them taken out the better and recovery much easier.

Elibean Sun 27-Sep-09 12:00:10

Hi Saramoon, my dd2 had hers out last January at just over 2yrs...she was in for a night, but she needed an HDU bed anyway (restricted airway) so i'm not sure if that would be standard for slightly older kids with no other issues or not.

My tips would be to take a few clean tops for her, and for you, in case she's sick after surgery...some snacks and drinks for both of you (they try and get kids eating very soon after the op nowadays, toast and crisps rather than ice cream shock as rough foods promote healing...but dd did suck an awful lot of ice lollies for a week afterwards too), and if possible a portable DVD player with her favourite DVDs for distraction, or books.

Some kids bounce back amazingly fast, others are ok for the first few days then have a rough time between 5-9 days later (as scabs come off), my dd had a lot of pain for about 9 days. Do stay on top of pain relief, bang on time or even 20 minutes before - so the pain doesn't get on top of her, IYSWIM. dd had suppositories in the end, because she wouldn't swallow Calpol or Nurofen - and her hospital didn't give codeine.

I used an alarm to wake me before dd's meds were due at night.

dd1's friend has just had his out at nearly 6, and he was ok for a few days then had a very painful couple of days around day 7 - by day 10 he was up and fine and I saw him at a birthday party! Just look out for fever or bleeding, otherwise the pain can seem worrying but is really (as you no doubt remember) normal. And is far worse for adults, so hopefully won't be nearly as bad as you remember yours being.

Do try a search here, because there ahve been lots of long threads with experiences and tips - I can't remember half of it!

Good luck, it really is worth it smile

saramoon Sun 27-Sep-09 20:26:00

Thanks very much elibean, lots of good advice, i will have a search here. I know it will be worth it but am getting nervous about it.

Elibean Sun 27-Sep-09 21:21:53

I was petrified, even though I was almost equally petrified it would get cancelled (surgery in January, what are the odds of coughs/colds/fevers?!) as dd could hardly breathe when asleep till they came out.

Do post throughout if it helps, I got lots of support here which really did make a difference - I knew what to expect, what was normal, etc.

Will look out for you!

saramoon Mon 05-Oct-09 19:20:31

Yes, she is on a low dose of antibiotics now until the operation as she is due another bout of it around that time and i have now planned my work time off and half term around the time she is to have the operation. Fingers crossed she is not ill.

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