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dd1 6 ill every month , has had long term health problems

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melsy Thu 24-Sep-09 14:11:30

I dont quite know what I can do to boost her, she has a very wide diet , lots of raw veg and fruit & all sorts of food types (good carbs/meat/fish/chicken). She had Mycoplasma pneumoniae in August and now has contracted yesterday yet another virus with ear infection !

Would it really help to start her on vitamins, as have done in the past or is it really just giving her very expensive wee (article I read once suggesting most of it gets flushed out!).

She has renal/kidney reflux which she is continuously medicated for with trimethoprim and 2yrs previously had an op to correct obstructive sleep apnea.

A naturopath/homeopath has suggested she has mycoplasma of another kind and wants to start her on all 37 Bach rescue remedies. My cousin who trained in pediatric surgery has said not to give her anything oral/herbal that's not scientifically tested , as it may harm her already damaged kidneys.

On another note , mummy is mentally and physically drained and my normally fairly tidy house (dh is borderline OCD for organisation), is a tip and Im shattered! (May be I should leave my self absorbed poor me moan for another thread?)

stealthsquiggle Thu 24-Sep-09 14:21:38

I would go back to her peadiatrician (presumably with that sort of history she has one?) IIWY and ask for advice before going the homeopath route - your cousin has a very valid point re fragile kidneys.

pinkteddy Thu 24-Sep-09 14:49:57

Agree with squiggle. Is your GP sympathetic? Maybe he would refer you to a dietician for advice? And don't worry about the house, dd much more important! smile

melsy Thu 24-Sep-09 16:08:30

We're due to see consultant nephrologist at Gosh in Feb for her 6mth check up. He poo pooed the mycoplasma thing and is really not into anything alternative, hes very old school.

Gps havent been that great at my surgery. Although asking about dietician might be a good idea, but she does it a ton of veg and fruit , like non stop!!

Is it just bad luck with this little one? dd2 3yrs old , touch wood is much more resilient, doesnt normally catch half the things dd1 foes, most odd.

stealthsquiggle Thu 24-Sep-09 16:14:20

Hmm - can you get to some of the nephrologist's extended team, do you think?

DNiece has been referred to a dietician automatically as part of the management of her kidney problems...

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