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8 yo due to have removeable braces

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sue6264 Wed 23-Sep-09 17:12:39

my 8 year old son is due to take delivery of a pair of removeable braces in 3 weeks.

just wondering if anyone has ideas about (1) how to prepare him for it and (2) top tips for coping - i've no idea if they are going to be sore, or cause ulcers tec and if so what do you recommend for relief?



RuthChan Wed 23-Sep-09 20:41:57

I had a brace from the age of 9. I don't remember being prepared for it in any special way and I had no problems. Yes, it really hurts at the start and after tightening, but there's not much you can do about that. It only lasts a couple of days. If they rub on his gums/cheeks, rinsing his mouth out with salt water will really help.

PixieOnaLeaf Wed 23-Sep-09 20:54:13

Message withdrawn

sue6264 Thu 24-Sep-09 00:27:46

thanks Ruth and Pixie. i didn't realise that they wouldn't make them tight to start with.

piprabbit Thu 24-Sep-09 00:29:56

I never learnt to speak clearly in mine. In fact it had a real knock on effect on my ability to speak up in class etc.
I'd strongly suggest spending lots of time together talking (practise), and reassuring him that although he thinks he sounds strange, he really sounds normal.

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