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Another chickenpox thread - please answer my questions!

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Baconsarnie Tue 22-Sep-09 20:50:56

DS (17months) has suspected chickenpox. He's been grumpy and clingy for the past few days, with a cold and he's been off his food a bit. We just thought it was teething. We've been giving him some Calpol at bedtime. But some spots have appeared today. Not many, but I suppose I will know one way or another by tomorrow morning (won't I?). Anyhoo, do I take him to the GPs or does that risk infecting everyone at the surgery? And if it is CP, what can a GP prescribe? And also, how does it work combining Piriton with Calpol? Should I be giving calpol at all?
Thanks so much!

alypaly Tue 22-Sep-09 21:13:56

calamine lotion or calamine and aqueous cream if you dont like the powdery look or aveeno sachets in the bath. The oatmeal helps calm the itch down and calpol to keep temp down. Look at the dosage of piriton as it think its 2.5 mls twice a day for a 17 month old.

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