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6 month old dehydrated??

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clouiseg Tue 22-Sep-09 20:34:14

Hello all

I could really do with some reassurance please!

6 month old dd (and me) were diagnosed with Swine Flu last Friday after falling ill Thurs pm. I have Tamiflu, dd didn't.

Since Friday her fluid intake has diminished to the point (imo) of concern. As a guide, she normally has around 35oz milk, 6 oz water & solids on a normal day.

Friday she had virtually nothing
Saturday just sips
Sunday 10oz (milk & water combined)
Yesterday about 10oz (combined-when I actually got a bottle into her she threw the LOT up as soon as she sat up & coughed)
Today 10oz (combined)

She's had no solids at all and has lost 1.5lb since Friday.

I've tried EVERY trick in the book (have 3 dd's) and they've all failed. She just will not take fluid and the more I persevere the more distressed she gets to the point of coughing til she is sick.

Last night she developed a horrendous cough and after a bout of barking on her inhalation I guessed she had Croup. GP confirmed on the phone today (won't visit us with SF, and I'm not allowed to take her there for the same reason - DH works til 9pm) but Dr said I ought to get her there with someone else (!!??)

So, GP is aware & Out of hours Dr came on Saturday & was unconcerned, just said keep trying. TBH they seemed to want to beat a hasty retreat when she found I have SF!

Here's my issue. She is clearly not getting the required amount of fluid, and hasn't since Friday.

She has had 2 nappies all day. I kept one on her from 9am - 5pm for the purpose of monitoring her urine output. That nappy had the amount of one normal wee in it. From 8 hours of wear. She still has the other on so I can monitor again. Oh and it smells quite strong.

She has no dry mouth (although not dribbling like a 6 mo teether does) and her skin seems ok. But she has sort of sunk shadows under her eyes (like bags but dipping in IYKWIM) and she is clearly not weeing enough.

Should I be concerned or am I just worrying too much? It has been 5 days, but the NHS are arguing that she is not "displaying all the signs of dehydration" even though nobody has actually SEEN her since Saturday!!!! Is there no test they can even do on a sample if I send a dribble there with a neighbour (to see if she is dehydrated)?

I have a sneaking suspicion that they are trying to postpone seeing her until she is "really bad" due to the fact we have Swine Flu? Or am I just being paranoid and delerious from my own fever? lol

So sorry for the long post. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you. xxx

alypaly Tue 22-Sep-09 20:36:37

is the fontanelle in her head sunken in. if you are concerned ring the triage nurse at your local A and E

clouiseg Tue 22-Sep-09 20:53:11

I may ring A&E and see what they say, thanks alypaly. Her fontanelle is not sunken, its in enough for me to just feel it though.

clouiseg Tue 22-Sep-09 22:26:28

No joy with A&E. Unless its a medical emergency (which I said I don't think) I was told to contact the Out of Hours GP Service (which is actually situated RIGHT next to A&E!!!) If they feel she needs it they 'refer' us through to A&E (next door!!!).

Its crazy!!

hamstring Tue 22-Sep-09 22:36:19

how is your baby this evening. im thinking of you cos 1 have a babe of 6 months and wish yours a speedy recovery. we have not had s.flu but it is a worry especially with the support?? from the nhs.
sorry i have no advice but am thinkin of you and baby

clouiseg Tue 22-Sep-09 22:48:12

Awwww ty hamstring. xx

I really hope you don't end up with the dreaded SF, its not as bad as I expected but its hit dd pretty hard. Poor mite has been terrible since Friday.

She is sleeping ALL the time (very odd as she is normally up all day and sleeps 10 hours a night) so she is obviously feeling it. And the cough seems to be taking on a new lease of life...

She is still not taking in enough fluid and I am about to ring NHS Direct again to ask them if they think 2 nappies in 14 hours is normal for a 6 month old baby??!! And will point out that one of those nappies is barely wee'd in at all.

Its hard enough caring for a poorly babe when it breaks your heart to see them suffer. But to do it when I have Swine Flu, 2 other dd's (one with special needs) and a DH who works til 9pm is extra tough. Its a shame we can't always rely upon the NHS to ease the load when we call for help eh?

Having worked for them and been on the receiving end of VERY irate patients, I can now fully understand why!!



luvaduck Tue 22-Sep-09 22:48:46

if you are at all concerned take her to OOH Gp. no one can diagnose dehydration over the internet. good luck.

LadyOfTheFlowers Tue 22-Sep-09 22:53:27

Personally, if it was me, I would take her asap to A&E or somewhere to be seen, or get someone else to take her if you have SF.

The nappy situation does not sound good to me, but I am obv not a Doc.
That question really annoys me: 'Is it a medical emergency?'
We don't know - that's why we ring you!!

Thinking of you.

clouiseg Tue 22-Sep-09 23:05:43

Ty LadyOfTheFlowers

I know!!! Why the heck would we ring them if not to ask THEM that question? And for goodness sake would any parent be prepared to wait until it is a medical emergency?

It beggars belief...but honestly I am not surprised by the response.

Getting the phone as we speak....! Will post with the result!


clouiseg Wed 23-Sep-09 00:43:36

Spoke to the out of hours GP and have been told that unless she has a totally dry nappy for 12 hours they aren't too worried!!! She did say that whilst she isn't completely happy with the situaution, it is not serious enough to warrant immediate medical care.

So I guess I'm supposed to wait until my 6 month old baby is as dry as a bone and her little kidneys are compromised before anything is done. Or before she is even looked at!! I did mention that no one has actually SEEN my baby as we are isolated in the house, so how can they be sure she is really ok? But hey ho.....

I have decided to follow advice and go to the surgery in the morning. If they are worried about Swine Flu they can find me a room away from other patients, but I'm seeing the Dr no matter what!

Thanks ladies, xxxx

clouiseg Wed 23-Sep-09 10:28:09

Went to GP this am. Despite having a high temp, an almost dry nappy between 11pm and 9am, and a cough so severe dd is sick and heaving GP insists she is fine!!

She didnt or rather couldnt sleep last night due to the cough and at rest she is wheezy and rattly. GP says as her lungs are clear of infection theres no worry either about her breathing or her fluid output!

I disagree. Instinct tells me she is not at all well. Her airways sound 'sore' and she is miserable as sin. She is breathing more quickly and really sounds like shes struggling. Shouldn't someone have put a probe on to check her saturation/heart rate? I have also noticed that there is a delay in circulation when I press her little foot, it stays white for a while.

I am driving myself crazy here

Any suggestions?


LadyOfTheFlowers Wed 23-Sep-09 20:27:10

I am glad you managed to get seen.... I think.

I had a similar situation with DS1 and an undetected kidney infection - for 6 months I took him to Docs and hospitals (he had a fever for 6 months and eventually a febrile convulsion and a trip in an ambulance to hosp. with paramedics insisting he was admitted as been ill for so long got them to listen), all telling me he was fine, I was overreacting. By the time it was discovered he had suffered kidney damage.

I am not sure what else you can do? Call, say you saw Doc and you are not satisfied - want a second opinion?

All I do know is I know excatly how you feel, like no-one cares and you are letting your child down as you can get no-one to listen. My instinct tells me when my child is ill and it has never been wrong before, so I hate being told there is nothing wrong, as it happens to me a lot. hmm

LuluMamaaaaarrrrr Wed 23-Sep-09 20:30:33

i would take your baby to A&E this evening, they would much rather see and send home a baby who is ok than not

your baby sounds poorly, your GP has not made you feel any more reassured, you need to get a second opinion

young babies can deteriorate v quickly, but also pick up again v quickly

i know you 've been fobbed off by A&E but if you turn up then you will be seen

or call NHS direct who will be able to advise further

LuluMamaaaaarrrrr Wed 23-Sep-09 20:32:23

BTW, a good way to get fluid into a little one is by using a medicine syringe, to squirt it gently in, aiming at the inside of the cheek rather than down the throat, or giving them a flannel to suck on

i would give water at the mo rather than milk

clouiseg Wed 23-Sep-09 22:24:19

Hi all

Thanks for the replies!

Well I turned up at A & E to a very frosty reception. But when I explained what had happened they were very sympathetic.

She has been admitted because (surprise surprise!) she is dehydrated and also needs Steroids for her breathing! I just left her there with DH (am very emotional as I NEVER leave her!) but they would not let me stay due to my Swine Flu (childrens ward etc)

What really gets my goat is that a matter of hours before, my GP insisted she was fine. Yesterday the Out of Hours GP did the same over the phone, and on Sat the same again!!

WHY do we have to get to the point of having to become hostile before people take notice?? I literally had to raise my voice and ask WHO exactly WAS going to look at my baby and not fob me off!? I believe now, always have, and always will, MUM knows best. We were gifted with the instinct to know our children better than anyone, and this just reinforces that for me!

So, flued up, massive fever and aches in places I forgot I had... I'm off to bed.

Ladies, thanks so much for your time, incredible advice and reassurance.


starynight Wed 23-Sep-09 22:36:23

clouiseg omg i cant believe the trouble you've had trying to get your baby seen its disgusting. just goes to show that us mums do no best when it comes to are kids. hope your dd is ok andmakes a speedy recovery. get some rest yourself and takecare!

hamstring Wed 23-Sep-09 22:56:00

very glad to hear your baby has been properly diagnosed. hope you and baby have a speedy recovery.all very worrying.

LuluMamaaaaarrrrr Thu 24-Sep-09 07:21:16

hope you are all on the mend soon

i would be making a complaint to the GP practice manager as soon as you feel up to it

i'm sure with the steroids and fluids, your DD will be massively better very soon

LadyOfTheFlowers Thu 24-Sep-09 12:06:50

My God!
This just reinforces what I said - Mother knows best.

I know it's awful for her to be in hosp but it really is the only place she will get better.
As you know with mine, it wasn't until mine was really ill anyone cared, and even then the nurses were very cold towards us.
I even cried one day at the Docs, saying he was ill and was still tuned away.
I also wrote to the wonderful lady paramedic who supported me at the reception desk and INSISTED he was admitted.

Keep us posted. She will bounce back quickly and you will probably get a lot better while she is in - looking after yourself, getting some rest, not worrying about her so much.

clouiseg Sat 26-Sep-09 12:54:57

Hello ladies, just an update about little dd.

She was finally released from hospital today, still a long way to go but DH and I feel confident we can manage better at home now the major issues are dealt with.

Considering there was nothing wrong with her according to our GP, its surprising she was kept in! I will NEVER listen to my GP again.

Anyway, she was given the meds as mentioned before. We had some wonderful ward staff looking after her.

It transpired that not only was she dehydrated, but she had LOST FIVE POUNDS in weight in a week!!!!!!! The Paeds were horrified and wanted her to have a nasal gastric tube asap. DH and I decided to try good old fashioned bottles etc first, as we felt she had already been through enough.

As it is, she is feeding better, well hydrated, and has managed to gain 2oz back so we are on the right track. She also has the most appalling cough with rattles but they say her lungs are clear so....

I am disgusted with my GP. Had I not lost the plot with A&E and demanded she was seen, god only knows what may have happened. The massive weight loss is my big concern too. A little is to be expected of course, but 5lbs @ 6 months old!!

So, we are off to bed for a snuggle because I am still rough after 9 days and we need some TLC!

Many thanks ladies, xxxxxxxxx

LadyOfTheFlowers Sat 26-Sep-09 22:15:57

So glad to hear that.
Much love. x

clouiseg Sun 27-Sep-09 22:00:16

Ty LadyOfTheFlowers


marie03 Tue 29-Sep-09 01:05:09

give the baby diorolite and as long as she has one full bottle a day she will not dihydrate only give for 3 days this so and continue on plain water after this time

piprabbit Tue 29-Sep-09 01:14:23

Sounds like strongly worded letter to your practice manager, copied to the local PCT is in order when you are both feeling better.

Glad you have been able to get your DD the help she needed. Sounds to me as if fear of transmitting Swine Flu put your child in more dnager than the illness itself.

clouiseg Tue 29-Sep-09 23:05:15

And here we are back at square one!

DD was weighed today after losing 5 pounds last week through illness. She was only discharged from hospital on Saturday as she gained 2oz back!

She has lost weight again and is back to the lowest weight she was when she first got admitted to hospital! 3 HV's said she should have GAINED not lost & the Paeds said "just feed her more"!! But as I explained, she still WILL NOT eat. She has no appetite. She is ill. And quite frankly I know how she feels as I have no desire to eat either. She was given an inhaler yesterday to help manage her hideous cough and I dont suppose that's helping much.

She is after all only 6 months old and has been very unwell.

The Paeds want her back on the day ward tomorrow.

Does anyone have any idea what they will do? I really dislike the idea of tubes etc. She's not dehydrated. She just won't take solids or milk. And I have tried EVERYTHING with DH, all the tricks that 11 years of motherhood and 10 years of childminding have taught me. But she's not interested. She's surviving on barely 19oz a day, if that. Normally she has 35-42, plus solids. But the fact remains she has lost an appalling amount of weight for such a tiny baby.

Am sooooo worried!!


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