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what counts as constipated and when do i need to start worrying?

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littleomar Tue 22-Sep-09 19:31:53

my 2.5yr old son hasn't done a poo for 3 days. doesn't seem bothered about it and says he doesn't need to.

he's just potty trained.

i think he generally manages one every couple of days (he's at nursery in the week so i don't know exactly).

so - should i worry yet and is there anything i can do?

bigchris Tue 22-Sep-09 19:33:02

I wouldnt worry
but you coul give him lactulose so it's less painful when he does go
potty training often makes them hold it in

theyoungvisiter Tue 22-Sep-09 19:48:22

I am not a dr but I believe the medical definition of constipation is hard, dry, painful stools. Frequency is not as important as the stool itself, if that makes sense?

alypaly Tue 22-Sep-09 20:43:23

3 days is a fair time for a poo. Like bigchris says lactulose is fine and just softens the poo

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