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DS 7 months mucus in his poo - any ideas anyone???

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LittleMammaTo2 Sun 20-Sep-09 08:01:26

Hi all, not the nicest topic in the world I know but us Mum's I'm sure are pretty used to discussing the contents of nappies grin. My DS is just over 7 months old. He's now on solids which he can't get enough of and still has around 18oz milk per day. He has had this previously but it's now becoming pretty frequent - his poo is often covered in mucus. Recently I changed one nappy which seemed to contain more mucus than poo. I don't really remember this happening with DD who's now 2.5yrs.

Have tried searching net but to no avail - does anyone have any idea as to what this is and if it requires a trip to the docs?

Thanks very much

bidibidi Sun 20-Sep-09 13:30:59

ds had what looked like mucus in his dirty nappy when he also had diarrhea as a little baby; basically, I don't think it was mucus at all. I reckon it was undigested milk.

I think if he's bright and himself and happy above the waist, I wouldn't worry about what's in the nappy.

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