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DS getting grommits v shortly - any advice on what to expect?

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orangeplum Sat 19-Sep-09 17:25:45

My DS is getting grommits v shortly. I would appreciate any info anyone has about the procedure and what to expect afterwards. Any advice about swimming and baths would also be helpful.

Doctor said he would send us some info but havent received it yet.
Thanks v much.

piprabbit Sun 20-Sep-09 00:18:44

I had a series of grommits as a child. I remember recovering very quickly from the operations (in fact the last one was done as a day case - arrive first thing in a.m. home by lunch).
I used to go for follow ups and have my hearing checked at the hospital quite regularly. The grommit will fall out naturally after some months (and hopefully after it's done it's job), you won't necessarily realise that it's come out. Mine always ended up stuck in my ear - and the worst bit of the whole grommit experience was having the doctor reach into my ear with tweezers to pull it out.

The down side was not being allowed to get water in my ear. I used to bung it up with cotton wool covered in vaseline for hair washing, and having some kind of ear plug for swimming.

However, I'm talking 20 years ago blush so the guidelines may have changed now.

Geocentric Sun 20-Sep-09 00:23:02

DS had them done... He couldn't feel a thing afterwards. We had some really cool earplugs custom made by a company who made hearing aids (sorry, not in UK so can't help with contact) - made to fit DS's ear completely so no water came in (he got to choose the colour, too!). They were fab, he could swim without any problems.

orangeplum Mon 21-Sep-09 19:35:43

Thanks for your replies - anyone been through it here that can tell me what to expect - i understand its a fairly short procedure. How long is DS likely to be away from me ie how long am I going to have to sit and worry until i know he has woken up and is okay?


CaptainUnderpants Wed 23-Sep-09 21:18:02

Hi, My Ds had grommets put in at 4.5 yrs. Day surgery , under General Anthesetic fro about 20 mins , right misery afterwards fro about 30 mins , had painkilles , we were out of hospital by midday, running around as normal in afternoon , back at school next day .

No swimming for 6 weeks until post op appointment, then back to normal swimming, ENT consuktant said he didn't need ear plugs etc for swimming.

Must make sure that ears are plugged up when washing hair , soapy water in ears with gro,mets can casue som,e nasty infections so I was advised to use cotton wool copated with vaseline.

First grommet came out after 18 months , the other one still in 28 months later but look like it is working its way out. Unfortunaetly fluid has built up again in he grommett less ear and consultant says this will happen with the other one when grommet falls out so he is waiting to have grommets re inserted in both ears again.

Check ups every 6 months.

Hearing dramtically improved overnight when grommets were put in .

Warning - you go with them into op theatre when they are put under the GA - horrible - I was in tears .

HTH smile

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Wed 23-Sep-09 21:30:32

My DD2 had them put in last week.

She had some gas to help her go to sleep, we were with her for this. We then went back to her room, within half an hour we were called back to see her. SHe was awake but very spaced out, she wasn't in any distress...She stayed awake until she was discharged 4 hours later. She had a good nights sleep at home, when she woke in the morning she vomited and then had a lazy day but seemed happy enough. Took a couple of days for her to be fully recovered.

orangeplum Mon 28-Sep-09 20:45:00

Hi - thanks - its useful to get some practical advice from you. Not looking forward to the getting the gas bit but at least its relatively quick.

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