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sleepy baby

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mcflumpy Sat 19-Sep-09 15:25:27

My 14 week old DD had a temp for 5 days last week, 2 visits to the gp who said to just keep giving her Calpol which did bring her temp down (peaked at 38.8) but went back up when it wore off. Anyway, temp disappeared for about 5 days and its back. She had her second lot of vaccinations on wed this week and since yesterday has been very very sleepy, not drowsy, just sleeping a lot and her temp has been up since last night. Docs were quite blase about it last time, not uncaring, just didn't seem to think I should be worried, although she wasn't sleepy last time.

She is feeding and pooping well, although I am having wake her for feeds. Her temp is averaging around 38.5 but does come down to normal range with Calpol (2.5ml)

I don't usually seek medical advice on the net, but use MN a lot and just wondered if I should be worried at all as she is sleeping A LOT.

Thanks in advance

TOK Sat 19-Sep-09 19:57:05

Hi mcflumpy, its always a worry when you see you lo go like that. When my ds is unwell, he sleeps alot too, I think it's the best way for them to get better. The fact that she is eating and pooing normally is also a good sign.

However, I would maybe give NHS direct (0845 4647)a ring since it's gone on so long. They have always been really helpful with me and go through alot of checks with you and give good advice about what you should do, symptoms to look out for that may need medical attention and so on. Make sure your dd is with you when you phone as they'll ask you to look for/check certain things. I'm sure they'll say she's fine but it always puts my mind at rest.

Hope she's better soon xxx

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