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ear ache

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hayleybelly Sat 19-Sep-09 05:57:08

Anyone have any tips on how to stop earache? 3 year old up screaming most of night, calpol doesn't seem to help at all!!

mmrsceptic Sat 19-Sep-09 06:40:10

it's got to be the doctor

unless you stop the calpol and let the infection sort itself out quicker

but it sounds really bad and you wouldn't want a burst ear drum

apparently they are allowed nurofen as well though

mmrsceptic Sat 19-Sep-09 06:41:50

i must say, if your child is in such agony that calpol doesn't help at all then it must be serious enough for antib's

i wouldn't just try more pain suppression without getting to the root of it

kreecherlivesupstairs Sun 20-Sep-09 09:13:58

I found in the past that a hot water bottle eases the pain in my dd.

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