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Hurrah - my DD came out of her pavlik harness today!

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DrCosyTiger Thu 17-Sep-09 19:30:02

Just wanted to post as feel very happy and relieved. DD who is 6 months old tomorrow has been in a movement restricting harness for 3 months to cure a congenital hip problem. Today we got the all clear to take it off. She still has some restrictions eg no car seats for 3 months but it's basically very good news.

Pink Jenny - if you are lurking, I know exactly what you mean now - she feels all floppy without it. In a good way.

Thank you to everyone who offered advice at the time the problem was diagnosed and the harness went on. It really wasn't too hard to cope with in the end although in the last couple of weeks DD did get a bit frustrated at not being able to roll over.

If anyone reads this via a search, we are hope that even a late applied pavlik harness can do the business in treating hip problems. Ours went on at 14 weeks, much later than normal, but we were lucky enough that it still worked.

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