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Why won't DSs IMPETIGO clear up???

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BigMomma3 Thu 17-Sep-09 12:26:40

He first got it about about 6 weeks ago and so far has had 2 different lots of antibiotics and creams and it seems to clear up but then comes back angry. Last night, I found another sore on his scalp above his ear and he has some spots on his face that I think will turn into sores again hmm.

DD has caught it on her face now and is also off school and on antibiotics again!

I have been scrupulous about hygiene, get them to wash hands, they are always bathed every night and have own towels. DS does have excema though, does that make a difference? Amazingly DS2 has not caught it!

I am going to have take him back to the docs this PM. Anyone experienced something similar with this and can give me any advice??

blametheparents Thu 17-Sep-09 13:03:56

Impetigo is so horrible.

DS has not had it for a while now (touch wood).

Last time he had it I used prescribed antibiotics and cream, but I also put tea tree oil in the bath which really seemed to help.

Milliways Thu 17-Sep-09 21:02:19

DD got ?Impetigo at age 17 and over a year later is still plagued with it flaring up. She thought it was a nasty spot when it first appeared and only after she had squeezed it and seen the green yuk did she realise it was someting worse!

I say ?Impetigo as she was eventually referred to a dermatologist. Bloods all clear but every time she has an appt is has gone so no swabs taken when it is out properly. She takes photos tto show consultant! Also just cancelled an appt to biopsy some of it as decided she didn't want a permanent scar on her forhead when it MIGHT just go away?

We got some heavy duty face wash on Prescription as well as steroid cream, and it is under control now, and we are hoping it was exam stress etc and that at Uni it may go completely.

HappyMummyOfOne Fri 18-Sep-09 16:52:17

Excema can mean open wounds from scratching etc which means its far easier to pick up germs/bugs. I recall reading on websites that children with excema can be prone to impetigo.

Its so easily spead between children as they can be very touchy feely.

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