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any drs or medics out there who can explain how chest infections are diagnosed

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LargeLatte Wed 16-Sep-09 20:53:37

I know self-diagnosis online is not a great idea but are GPs are so hopeless that even the local hospital says we should change - which we are in process of doing.

ds1 - 4yrs 3mo- has had a cold for 5 days. It only turned nasty last night do he had today off school. Cold seems better but his cough sounds awful. When I put my ear to his chest I can hear a honk - literally like a very quiet goose.

In the past when I've taken him they would not diagnose a chest infection without a temperature and if the cough had been less than 2 weeks.

Can anyone tell me what the criteria is for diagnosing a chest infection. I will take him to GP tomorrow but would like to be informed so we can have an adult discussion rather than the very patronising 'over-concerned mother' drivel I usually get.

alypaly Wed 16-Sep-09 21:18:20

chest infections can be upper or lower. They are diagnosed with a stethoscope listening to breath sounds throughout the chest cavity. The doc listens for crackles on inhalation and exhalation.
Are they coughing up mucous?
What colour is it?
have they got a temperature? how long for?
any other symptoms.

nellie12 Wed 16-Sep-09 21:20:59

is he "honking" when he coughs or when he is just breathing? Is he coughing anything up and if so what colour is it?

LargeLatte Thu 17-Sep-09 17:21:00

hello - thanks for your replies.

The noise was when he was breathing and he hasn't been coughing anything up. He's fine now. Slight occasional cough so think he's got over it pretty quick really.

I do worry too much because his brother has a weakened immune system so average cough and cold symptoms signal immediate trip to A&E. I do need to relax more with older more robust son.

suiledonn Sun 20-Sep-09 22:32:34

My GP's diagnose chest infection in my dd by giving me the prescription for antibiotic and telling me to get it filled if I think she needs it hmm

Seriously, she has asthma and often has to see the doctor with wheeze/cough. They prescribe steroids and put her on the nebuliser and leave it up to me to decide if she needs antibiotics or not!!!!!!!

Hope your ds is ok now.

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