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cracking up with dd's toothache!!!!

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yada Wed 16-Sep-09 19:38:00

dd (5) was up last sunday night with toothache, took her to the dentist on the moinday who said she had a small hole and filled it.

fast forward to this monday and she was up most of the night in a lot of pain, called nhs24 who said they could not do anything and to give her calpol and brufen. i tiik her back to the dentist yest who said the filling had come out and he replaced it.

she has just gone up to bed and is crying with pain again but i can still see the filling so its not come out again.

i am tearing my hair out, she is a very difficult child anyway and whikle i hate the thought of her being in pain part of me does wonder if this is just her latest thing to get out of going to sleep.

i cant do nothing though incase she is in pain, she has has calpol and ibuprofen so will hopefully settle but what is the best thing to do about getting this sorted.

will call the dentist again first thing but what else could be causing it if the hole is already filled? sahould i be asking for antibiotics etc incase of a infection?

yada Wed 16-Sep-09 20:14:21

anyone with dental advice?

eeenymeenymineymo Thu 17-Sep-09 19:34:19

If she's still in pain she needs to go back to the dentist. Could be that the hole is deep and close to the nerve of the tooth which has become inflammed causing the pain. The dentist will need to take the filling out and put some 'medicine' inside the tooth to calm it down. How old is she and which tooth is it?

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