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3 week old with a cough, should I call nhs24?

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Confuzzeled Tue 15-Sep-09 09:40:08

My 3 week old ds has a nasty cold and a cough. I have it too, my throat is very sore and feels tight so I know how he's feeling. He's still feeding, not very much or for very long but he's taking small amounts and he's still peeing and pooping. Am using saline drops in his nostrils before a feed.

I tried to see my doctor today but I've not registered him yet and they won't register him until his name has been registered at the council (have an appointment for tomorrow).

So do I call NHS24?

I know I'm a paranoid mummy because my dd ended up in hospital at 9 months with broncholitis. I just want him to be checked out but I don't want to waste doctors time.

LIZS Tue 15-Sep-09 16:32:44

He should be able to see gp as a temproary patient anyway. Call your hv fi they won't , NHS direct will just want him to see a dr asap.

wheredidmyoldlifego Tue 15-Sep-09 16:58:50

Hope you have this sorted as it is really worrying when you have a poorly child - wondered if you can try the NHS walk-in centre - do you have one locally you could go to? I think they see babies as a priority.

Confuzzeled Tue 15-Sep-09 17:20:11

Thanks for the reply's.

I called the hv but didn't get any response, I remember her telling me she took Tuesday's off so thats probably why.

I live near the hospital so was just going to go over but ds has had 2 really good feeds and even though he's snotty his coughing seems to have eased up.

He's sleeping now and I'm keeping an eye on his temperature. I think the hv will get back to me tomorrow so unless he gets worse overnight then we'll just wait.

It is so scary when your baby is ill. Dd went from a cold that wasn't too bad to hospital and hooked up to machines in a matter of hours. Her chest hasn't been the same since, she gets croup every time she has a cold.

Hopefully ds will get over this quickly.

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