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Immunisations today or not?

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Gilby Mon 14-Sep-09 14:02:22

My 13 week old DD is due her 2 month imms today at 4. She started having a runny nose and being a little grizzly last night. She's definitely bunged up today but not feverish, fairly cheerful and feeding well.
So, do I go ahead or reschedule? The problem with rescheduling is that last time she had a cold it got worse on week 2, and I don't want to leave the immunisations too late. However we're at a close friend's wedding this weekend and I'm not going to want to go if DD's unwell after the imms- how long do the possible after-effects last?

LilRedWG Mon 14-Sep-09 14:04:24

I think I'd take her along and ask the nurse's advice. They won't immunise her if they think she's too poorly.

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