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BagPuss71 Mon 14-Sep-09 10:09:44

So worried about my DS who has just started school and is nearly 5.

He was a late speaker and has struggled to mix with his friends socially. Because of this he was having extra help form our local 'inclusion' service.

I have just had a letter from them saying that in nursery, last year, he was only speaking in 'learnt phrases' was 'unable to communicate' objected if not called by his name, kept repeated what was said to him and spent an entire nursery session screaming and rocking becasue 6 new new children were visiting. There was plenrty more.

At home he speaks properly, is very loving and gentle. He is even trying to read. He plays well with his piers when in my company - I recognise nothing of the child they are describing. He had a glowing report from the nursery staff at the end of term so what is going on? I even took him see a paediatrican last year becasue of his late speech and he said he thought he was fine and discharged him.

I am so worried. I spoke to the woman who wrote this about him and she suggested I was nelglectful in not doing more as 'he needs help'. I have written to the school for thier thoughts but I know that they are trying to label him as autistic.

jellyhead Mon 14-Sep-09 10:36:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mamazon Mon 14-Sep-09 10:56:20

firstly don't panic.
its not easy to get a label of anything (despite what the DM would have us all think) and whether he is autistic or not he clearly isn't coping very well in school and needs some extra help whislt there.

go to school and ask for them to maybe film a session with him so that you can firstly see what is happening and maybe be able to offer some guidance as to how you would deal with things at home.

If they suggest getting him some help then it is not going to hurt to give it a try.

but dont get ahead of yourself. all they want to do at the moment is to get him happier at school so anything you can do to help will be advantagous to ds

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