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Needing the MN jury again, sorry - bad cough and cold, school today?

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HelenaBonhamCarter Mon 14-Sep-09 06:57:58

Ds1 is 6 and had a cough starting early last week. It got worse and worse and he ended up with a streaming cold since Saturday morning sad with tummy ache as well, various sore bits and coughed all night last night.
He has had to have vaseline under his nose and we can't see the floor for tissues.
He probably had about 6 hours of (interrupted) sleep last night, as he was up several times unable to sleep.

He's just waking up now, I can hear the cough.

Attendance wasn't great last year and HT is on our backs. So - do I send him in to infect all and sundry, thus destroying potentially 29 other attendance records...or keep him home and take the flack?

His little brother is already starting to feel poorly, so it's obviously catchable.


vinblanc Mon 14-Sep-09 07:03:20

I wouldn't

thrifty Mon 14-Sep-09 07:06:43

i think its obvious isn't it, from your op. Why would you send a poorly child to school?

HelenaBonhamCarter Mon 14-Sep-09 07:13:56

Because we got into trouble last year for not doing exactly that.

I'm not likely to get a GP appointment when he has clod/flu symptoms so can't back it up.

We had 86% last year and there was trouble about it, that's all.


however he just got out of bed and said he is 'fine' hmm and happy to go to school.

Now what do I do! He will be knackered, but he does look a bit less snotty tbh.

HelenaBonhamCarter Mon 14-Sep-09 07:19:52

So is a child who has a cold but feels 'ok' fair game for school?

I am actually more concerned about him passing it on to all the other kids. But maybe he isn't infectious any more if he feels better?


MmeLindt Mon 14-Sep-09 07:51:21

I would keep him off, more because of lack of sleep. With only 6 hours sleep he will be asleep at his desk by 11am.

Why did he have a poor attendance record last year, was it a long term illness or several short ones?

WhereTheWildThingsWere Mon 14-Sep-09 07:57:28

Could you not dose him up with Ibroprofen and send him if he says he is feeling better? Is the school near enough for you to take him another dose at lunchtime.

That's what I would do, but then I am a mean Mummy and they have to be at deaths door to stay at home, same as me when I am working.

HelenaBonhamCarter Mon 14-Sep-09 10:43:51

his attendance was just several short bugs and so on. I was pretty careful to send him in if he was able to go. But they just kicked off about it at the end of the year. sad
It was his first proper year at school so of course he got a dose of everything...

anyway he seemed MUCH better this morning, was jumping about on the sofa and all that so he's gone in. I think yesterday was his worst day.

I told his teacher to keep an eye, because it was PE first thing so she said if he was coughing she'd get him to have a rest.
Poor thing...I didn't realise till afterwards that it was outdoor PE! But I think he'll be alright.

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